Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice In Wonderland
Catch up a movie last sunday. The Alice In Wonderland, its actually a highly recommended movie by this two kids, they were describing the smiling cat, the twins, the red queen to me and even the funny scenes. Thumbs up for this movie (Y)(Y) btw. The every single character in this movie really impress everyone.

LOLS, i was actually quite curious, how these kids can understand the storyline even they don understand the dialogue. and this make me recall back when i were just a kids, Lion King was once my favourite cartoon (i had watch it like thousand of times), i bet i don even know what's they're trying to say those times but i seriously can understand the story. so, thats what special about cartoon? 

Toy Story 3-coming soon. Showing on June2010
So Toy Story's fans out there, cheer-out-loud

There's few real size formula 1 race car exhibiting in pavilion.
there's f1 race happening soon?

Did anyone check out for the Wangsa Walk TGV? 
when it is going to open?

Add on: Done all the three reports for this sem, so whats waiting us now are presentation, test and lastly final. Usshh Usshh!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Babies Part 1
A steamboat celebration on 16/3 night to celebrate SuLing birthday and ChoonYiap advance birthday. Steamboat is always a LOVE for me. Having fun (Y)

 Happy birthday ms SuLing =D

Porridge Steamboat makes YUM!

But still tomyam is the Best =)

Dai Louss of the group
Kelly, Nick, Dream 

please LOL for this X)
note: this was not a 'before' and 'after' mess but a comparison of left sides and right sides of our table

March Babies Part 2
It became our traditions to have a monthly birthday celebration for babies of the month.

So babies for March?
Here we go- Suling, YuWei and ChoonYiap

Hap Hap Happy 19th Birthday

 Awww~ Nice photo from our suling

 Caption: I don need lighter to light up the candles
I have Magic, mani mani hom! Candles light up! X)
From left we have Ah Chee, Willy and YuWei =)

For sure, a group photo for last

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lets Be Kind To Those Who Rushing =)
 I happened to have this idea to blog about this when im on my way to work today. Its quite frustrated sometimes when you're in a hurry, people was blocking the escalator way and you will need to 'excuse me' all the way long in order to move yourself up to the top.  -Stand Left and Walk Right- did you guys actually aware about this escalator rules? In countries especially like Japan and Singapore, people there are rushing every time, so they're actually very concerned about this. This particular escalator rules was set to give way for those who are in hurry so that they can walk on the right while others can stand on the left until they reach the top. So please keep the right side open whenever you're on the escalator especially when you're in the railway stations, this is a kind of the social chemistry =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Do you ever saw couples sort of making out in college? err, almost i mean, the begin stage. I've saw few cases already but i had encountered it today in canteen. there's a couple sitting opposite me, i mean us, a gang of my group. things began with them were the guy was actually feeding the girl like the girl was a little kid or what. okay, this is still cool to me. but things seems getting hotter among them, the guy started to kiss/bite/lick the girl's ear for like continuously and the girl do back the same thing with him.(pls imagine) im sitting straight opposite to them and i had seriously lost my appetite! it was so crowded around, so i was thinking they might probably make out on the spot if there's no one around. GO GET A ROOM PLEASE! Seriously, I felt gross, irritating and ashamed for them. first, its public. okay, maybe you might saying that its 21 century now, lets be open minded or whatever and you're just expressing your love to your loves one which bring no harm but don you know the people around you are actually feeling uncomfortable, like badly? second, its an educational place. you will need to at least pay some respect to places like this and students around you isnt it?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Game of Tarc
Everyone was posting about their results, how satisfied/ dissatisfied about it. Haha, but im gonna blog about the process of checking the result. Errrr, i have no idea how other college students find out their results, but for Tarc, we are checking our results from our intranet. Oh gosh! This was the most agitated method ever! You wont experience kind of thing during our schooling time, i mean primary/secondary. We were just need to take a deep breath and check out the marks of the examination paper that distributed by our teacher those times. Even pmr and spm, the nervous thing will only occur for only few seconds which is the time for you to take the result paper and take a view for your whole result. But then this online checking thingy is totally different! First, when the day of releasing result was announced, everyone was waiting about it. And when the day arrived, gosh! like today, i purposely wake up early in the morning (which i believe most of them do), the first thing i do were to on my laptop before even brush my teeth& wash my face, my eyes were still half closing somemore. Then, too bad the result wasn't updated and everyone was complaint about it. From 9 something till 10 something, this was the harsh time ever! Im not nervous at first but waiting like this makes me feel like dying. My heart was seriously beating darn fast! And then while im giving up and were to off my laptop, i received couple of msg saying that results were updated. Okay, so this is the most gan jeong moment, everyone will like fighting for the line as the intranet will be super duper vegetable lag when over thousand of students are accessing it. So you will need to refresh Refresh and REFRESH again, i felt my heart stop beating seriously for few seconds, lols, its-not-fun, and words like this will came out from my mouth, "Idiot line" "Ooi, faster larr" "Deng!!" zzzzz, the whole gan jeong process was to only get to know our own result. Syok pun, but this game is not recommended for those who having sakit jantung.

p/s: reading this post might also cause you sakit jantung XDDD i mean sakit hati as you will feel like boxing me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roaring Hot, Genting We Went
Friday, We went one day trip to genting. Its extremely hot in the city, so you can even imagine the coldness in genting, Not-Cold-At-All, it just like those rainy and windy days we have in kl. But it gets better after the rain in the afternoon.

See, quite unsual to spot me eating icecream in genting, usually im freezing hard.

Its great to go during normal days, not weekends, not holidays if you really searching for excitement at  the Outdoor theme park, genting. No long queue for the games (exceptional for few popular games), so basically you will need not to waste all your time by just waiting.

My game rules: we must really scream out loud to play these excited games. So we are seriously screaming madly by not caring how others look at us, lols, especially Shelby. We rock yorrr!!! XD

Im not a little kitten, i quite dare in challenging those extreme games, but absolutely not this one-The Space Shot. I tried it once, oh gosh, my heart was really beating harsh when im hanging up on the top, counting 10 seconds in order to prepare myself when the thing shoot down! I was telling myself, no second time. Oh btw, they changed the pattern, its no more 10 seconds sequence.

*Im just a old lady tired in the moment, im so tired, so i show it out* lyrics of The Show by PONEY. im a lil old for these, i lost my energy after all these activities. I squat, I lay on abby's shoulder, I yawn, whatever. yawning~

Nevertheless, there's something that can burst me up, energize me is to Eat!!!

Not to forget, this little doll really caught our attention. Roar! She is utterly CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so shy but she keep smiling to us. Shelby even managed to cuddle her which is so AWESOME!!

This is shelby, the one who grab my first kiss for girls with a super tricky way! XD

Okay, stop asking me, yeayea, im actually the owner of this shop XDDDDDD *ehem

We actually took tons of pictures, lols, so check out facebook for more pictures =)

OH! Sem 2 Final Result is coming out tomorrow!!! haha, usssshh dac-27 and friends!!!! Sigining out here, ciao.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stand with Me

What is about better
Or even there is any
Previous one is already a jerk
So how bad this would be?

I have been vaccinate
I went through the worst
Solid structuring deep inside
Trust me

I know
You are protecting
I know
The another you wouldn't let me fall again

Things happened fast
I was thinking is it fate
But somehow it's sort of pausing now
Officially relationship maintaining as usual

There's hesitation
Im not going through without thinking
Still, deep in thought

I will take my own time
When choice are made
Whether it is an A choice or a B choice

If it's a B
Im prepared for all of the possibilities

Things still remain
No worries

Stand with me
Im Cool Now

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Piece

College was being great till now, i mean throughout the first and second weeks, cause we will be like seriously madly busy-like-a-crazy weeks after the second week. Reports, tests, courseworks, presentations, finals whatever you can named it will be torturing us from the third week till the end of this semester. So? God bless.

That day when we were waiting wenise at the parking lot, we spotted ethan car. Then we were like: Lets snap photo with it!!! XD haha, his Silver 2182 Viva is now the celebrity of group dac-27. They even have an album for his car- Viva 2182 Collection, LOLS  I wonder if the little viva is practising his/her signature to sign for his/her fans in future? XD Oh ya ethan, is a HE or a SHE?

See? The three cars above were actually all belongs to my groupmates, hahaha!! and this was the photo taken another day, seems like we cant get rid of the viva 2182 huh? XD i was wondering, what if one day all cars in our group line up in a line at the parking lot, must be spectacular huh? Okay, slap me, tak habis-habis ni..

Went for TongShui in kepong on the monday night with guys. Still, i prefer 'gei dak sek', there's the only place that we can get the perfect TongShui in Kepong.

A 'cool-yorr' photo of me, credited to abby. I was on the phone with wenise ng, lying her that we were outside her house now, asking her to tie up his dog and let us in, haha. Alex even imitate the dog barks to convince her, zzz XD

Soul mate *ehem

A sudden decision, we went one utama to catch up a midnight movie after that, 72 tenants. The destination from kepong to one u was actually very near, like very. But due to abby forgot to set her gps from "Skip tol" to "Normal Route", we went a big round from kota damansara, sunway damansara to reach the one utama. XD Lols, luckily we managed to get tickets there, if not die 99. So, talk about the movie, it's absolutely funny and worth it to watch, we laughed-out-like-really-loud in the cinema.