Thursday, March 11, 2010


Do you ever saw couples sort of making out in college? err, almost i mean, the begin stage. I've saw few cases already but i had encountered it today in canteen. there's a couple sitting opposite me, i mean us, a gang of my group. things began with them were the guy was actually feeding the girl like the girl was a little kid or what. okay, this is still cool to me. but things seems getting hotter among them, the guy started to kiss/bite/lick the girl's ear for like continuously and the girl do back the same thing with him.(pls imagine) im sitting straight opposite to them and i had seriously lost my appetite! it was so crowded around, so i was thinking they might probably make out on the spot if there's no one around. GO GET A ROOM PLEASE! Seriously, I felt gross, irritating and ashamed for them. first, its public. okay, maybe you might saying that its 21 century now, lets be open minded or whatever and you're just expressing your love to your loves one which bring no harm but don you know the people around you are actually feeling uncomfortable, like badly? second, its an educational place. you will need to at least pay some respect to places like this and students around you isnt it?

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