Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I♥HEARTHOLIDAY.we swim today, we cook today, we spend the whole day hanging around in the house. without stress,without tense. we relax,we loose. thats why i love the mood of ho-li-day-ing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

HOME,im home. A thought had crossed my mind recently, DO IT, no fear.  Sometimes just wonder where is my braveness, am i really scare or i just not willing to give it a try? Today, i bought myself a casio poptone watch that i been 'stalking' for a while. i do really have this weird sorry feelings to myself cause i spent quite a lot these days. wei nee, plan for yourselves please.

Friday, September 25, 2009


i messed up my blog template yet im too lazy to fixed it up, so yea, i just set a default for my blog layout for now XD just came back home for two days, tomorrow need to work and stay at wenise place again. im too full filled for this holiday, isnt it good? oh yea, im now craving for gossip girl season 3. muahahahahaha! watched episod 1&2, waiting for the update. hohohohoho!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday WeniseNg

celebrating wenise birthday with the college gang. kinda fun though, we are all enjoying. not forget to mentioned bout the k-room, its extremely huge! eventhough we have about 13 of them but i bet the room can even occupied by whole class of us.

singer of the day-kok hing
girls-miko,anne,su ling,hui ni,wenise,abby
the hyper gang-choon yiap,kok hing,kelly,nick niew,seng yong
the gangs ^^
look at kok hing and kelly behind LOL!!

abby,poney,su ling,hui ni

after the karaoke,wenise abby and i couldnt tag them along for the movie cause we need to headed to genting. and here's the climax, after some shopping we're going home. im drving due to we are kinda late and im lazy to take public transport. and actually we are not kinda sure about the direction back. the traffic is extremely jam and there is a way that seems not that jam, so we decided to make a turn anddddd..... we missed the direction again, the road leaded us to cheras-maluri. yea, why im saying again, cause this is the second time that i drive without knowing the way and im lost!! i actually kinda pissed out in that moment, road were jaming everywhere and i hav no idea where to turn. so we stop at jusco,maluri and waited eng kian came to lead us back. thanks to him very much ^^

and last but not least, another gangs photo. a stupid expression im having but i still love this picture. thanks to choon yiap and guys who organize it X)

*thats all, ciao

Thursday, September 17, 2009

gonna be a long post. hey, im back from genting. there will be one more day for me to rest in my home sweet home and will be staying at wenise house for four days, working. yeap, clearly im having my holiday after first sem. talking bout finals,hmmm not too bad. okay, back to genting. no doubt, genting will be always the place for us to spend our holiday when there was no-idea-where-to-trip. and of course for second no doubt that us-THE FAMILIAR AND WELL-KNOWN GANG are involved in this particular trip. u may be curious for the "boringness-of-same-gang-thingy", but we had traveled numbers of places together-port dickson,penang,langkawi,genting and so on. we are having the same method of solving problems, same thinking, same way for planning, same lifestyle.yeap, cause we have been knowing each other for long time, bad attitudes of each other are being forgive naturally. sometimes others might felt weird or even uncomfortable of us(our conversation, our action), but we are just too comfort with each other, and this is not a normal friendship and certainly i'll cherish them^^ took tons of picture as usual, and lets began with it..

~1st day

me,abby and wenise reached genting bout 7pm due to the celebration for wenise birthday with college gangs in the noon and "missing direction AGAIN" on the way back (will be update in next post). watched final destination4 and back room for movie again.

what we first do when reached hotel room. movie on laptop

~2nd day

outdoor theme park for the day and watched 'guai tam'. whoo, nice for me(im kinda addicted in 'guai tam') but it does scared wenise and krys.

early in the morning

the hairstylist-abby ang

and for the result, my wavy hairdo


when money needed-->atm machine

3 retarded faces-acting excited

look at those bears **duh, im not-that-in-love with bears


adui ==

i like her in this photo X)

look at them XDD

and of course our specialty-capturing stupid photo. we are just so good in making stupid funny expression. hohoho XD

like a lil abby

i personally like this


pls do cry out loud XD

i heart them^^

back to room..

happy conversation

nappy abby

these are what we do in room..

pringles-ing, cam whoring,movie-ing


online online

making fun by us-samurai abby ang XD
~3rd day
bowling for the 3rd day,lunch, photo hunt. get back to kl bout 5 something.

wenise birthday celebration with college gang will be update in the next post. STAY TUNED
and not to forget a listed of birthday buddy
sept 18-happy birthday yunni
happy birthday jun hoong
sept 27-happy birthday krystelle
Hopefully i didn missed out anyone.