Saturday, May 29, 2010

Am still good with college currently, at least i had tuned off my holiday mood and suit myself in sooner this sem compared to the previous one =) Concentrating in lecture class but not daydreaming, and trying hard not to skip any lecture class which i used to skip it in the earlier sem, tsk tsk tsk. You know, lazy ppl 

oh! College is putting efforts in beautifying itself LOL Check out this mini garden in college. With pond and fishes somemore

but in the other hand, college canteen foods are getting Suck.

We went to the IBE @ KL Convention Center on tues after class. Its out of my expectation, so basically just manage to get some essence and mask there.

And before that we had a celebration for the May's babies- Hui Ni & Ah Chee at Pizza Huts. Have a blast girls!

This was the last day for tuition'ing these two kids. They presented me this, kids sometimes are still adorable in some ways. Im touched.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, i dont usually post emo post
But i am now, im not good
I Tasted Lemon

Monday, May 24, 2010

Am having a really good sense of sixth
I mean sixth sense larr, on others but not myself

Wondering where's my account club tee that still packing inside the plastic since last year till now

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you believe its already the second year of my diploma, thats mean i have been mingle around in this college for like one year? This semester 4 will going to be a tough sem for us, a real challenge for this course. 3 out of 5 subjects is something related to account. yea, computing and calculating are about the matters. OMG!

Hoho, but there's one thing nice about this second year-I finally own one car sticker!! NO MORE saman from dbkl, NO MORE worrying to go early in order to get a parking space, NO MORE walking long distance.

I have been delaying my post. Im just lazy.

A random day in the previous holiday, we went out for food hunting lol.

Food hunted no.1
Mcd Breakfast
Oh Oh Oh Oh~ Finally right. I tell you, the hotcake really slurrpppp.

Food hunted no.2
Snow Flakes
This snow flakes is a 'hot' food these days. so in order to be a 'updated food hunter' and its not crowded that time, so we went for SNOWFLAKES!! erm erm, its not that delicious actually, kinda normal for me. Mayb what we ordered is not their specialties, i donno.

Food hunted no.3
Chocolate Lounge 

Shelby suggested we should try chocolate lounge, so here we go. Yum~ Feel good with choc!

-Chocolate Affair-A must try in chocolate lounge! The combination of fruits with choc really mouthwatering

 Love cold drinks? This is it, ordered by Shelby Goh

 Prefer Hot Chocolate? Ms Coco will do, ordered by Abby

 Craving for something cute n tiny? Little Jane it is!
Nice to see, nice to hold, but normal to drink, lol =X Taste like Papa Rich's milo dinosaur

Food hunted no.4
Bak Kut Teh
It's the best bak kut teh i had in kl, thumbs up. 
A perfect dinner to end the day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have been staying at home most of the time throughout this holiday. Its kinda weird that we dont go for vacation, not even genting. So basically im pleased with sleeps,foods and entertainment as in facebook and dramas.=)

Will need to start adjust my waking time since sem break is going to end in 2 more days. I would not want to late for morning classes or ended up 'fishing' in class as this would be a tough semester for us.

Went to klang with guys on thursday. The first pit stop is to fulfill our crave for bak kut teh, ngekngek.

When this bunch of people ( i mean us ) met together, karaoke session is a must activity for us. Yes! don doubt, we went for karaoke in Jusco, bukit tinggi.

And our queen hunger after Big Apple, so we bought some to chew before it. XD
Catch up a movie after then. We thought that we're going to watch "Furry Vengeance" which is a comedy until the movie starts, we were fooled by the guys, they bought "A Nightmare On ELM Street" which is a horror movie -.- tsk tsk tsk 

This is basically a redirected movie from the same movie of the year 1984. Is about the killer, Freddy Krueger who hunt and killed these teenagers in their dream. The only way for them to stay alive is to stay awake.

We say bye to the klang guys and headed back to kl after the movie. Had shabu for our dinner@Manjalara.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mua Holidays

Happy Mother's Day
To avoid the pack-ness on the exact Mother's day which drop on this sunday, i brought my mom for brunch today as an advanced mother's day celebration. Since she'd never tried the xiu long bao, so here we went Dragon-i @ Pavillion. She flipped the menu here and there, and here i know what she was thinking, she was worrying about the price cause her girl need to pay for it, i knew it. So i ordered for her. Mummy, i have to write this out cause i don say it infront of you, and although you would never read it, but still pls know that I Love You, and I always do.


Everyone was talking about it in fb, IP man was great, IP man awesome and i even asked abby what's about IP man? something like IRON man? LMAO
Tag along abby and alex for the famous-amos movie of the month-IP man 2 at the newly opened TGV @ Wangsa walk. So here again, i told abby that i scared i might slept in the cinema cause i seriously not interested with this kung fu kind of movie. But since everyone was giving positive comment, so why not have a try? And what turns out? Definitely a great movie for me. I think we even clap at the end when ip man managed to box down the western boxer. errrrr, do we? X)


This was a random morning where i purposely wake up early in the morning, about 9? FYI, my body alarm for holidays is like around 1 something in the afternoon, so 9 in the morning was kinda tortured me Lol  So why early in the morning? Im craving for Mcd Breakfast! Im so excited prepared myself, prepared my appetite, met abby & alex, this and that ................................ and guess what?*cheng cheng cheng* weekend doesnt serve the breakfast promotion which rm4 per set and the normal price is double to the promotion price. zzz

Its-not-worth-it. So we changed plan, mamak replaced Mcd, Roti canai replaced Hot Pancake, Kuah replaced Butter and Honey, Milo Ice replaced Hot Coffee. Its-so-hard-for-me-to-wake-myself-up-in-another-pretty-morning. So we will see when to fulfill my Mcd Breakfast Crave. Perhaps when sem starts? =X

Nah, im not going to waste my whole morning like that for a breakfast. Muahahaha, we went for badminton! Yeah, EXERCISE which we only do it once in a blue moon. Okay, if mouth exercise is counted as exercise cause i think we talked more than we played. Went for lunch@Mcd since i dont get it for breakfast. Okay, enough for Mcd stuff, cause i kinda act like im their brand ambassador.


A photo that taken when we are chilling @ Happy Four Season one evening. Its totally a photo without editing, it happens when my flash and abby's cam flash clashed together.. Nice huh?