Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's cloudy out there, she just came back from college and she feel like blogging. 09 gonna passed in less than 45 hours. Changes happened within this year,like,changesssssss. This year elapsed with style " phewing way~", she said. She will never forget every little details that happened this year. It's been a painful moment, she will cure the hurt, no, the hurt had recovered without scar. And not to forget those lovely moment, she still love her family and friends the most. She love her 18, thats what's in her mind now. Bye09** Resolution for new year? She wants to be a better person

Blue moon, is a magical moment that appeared a second full moon in a calender month. This new year's eve gonna brings the rarest blue moon of all. Yea, its thurday, tomorrow night. Why to say is rare, is because its only happen once right on the new year's eve every 20 years. So, when you are enjoying celebrate the coming new year, dont forget to take a look at the moon, savour the beautiful moment of the full moon and fireworks. Happy 2010**

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday celebration for dec and jan babies,yea, this monthly celebration kind of thing gonna be a tradition for our group XD. so there they are, ethan,ah chai&miko.

birth girl-miko&ah chai

ethan chan

but of course, this birthday celebration will not end in a peaceful way. we actually planned something evil, since its christmas around, we are having Snow Flakes Spray!!!! *evil grin. and the victims of this Snow Flakes War? who else if not birthday batch!! XP we managed to transform ethan chan to snowman chan.

we are acting normal. Trick: lets take a group photo =)

notice what we doing behind?? passing spray can, preparing, devil-ing XD

and next please use your imagination,
we don hav photo for it, only videos
ethan become the so called snowman eventuallyX)

Happy Birthday to you guys
hope ya having fun

Friday, December 25, 2009

Is All about Christmas 2
24 Dec, Christmas Eve. A sudden decision, went 1u in the afternoon with abby. and of cause a road blind wont reach there safely without a baby gadget-gps. haha, once again, gps rockkksss.

We went dragon-i for lunch then, it should consider as brunch XD

our first choice of dragon-i, slurrp slurppp

After some shopping, we decided to went back to wangsa walk for bowling in the evening..

To kill our boredom for waiting the next late night bbq session, we chill at teh tarik place

Bbq at alex place with guys till late midnight, oww its fun..X) reach home around 3something in the morning, having a great christmas eve with u guys

abby blurred look after beer XDD

for last, merry christmas to everyone

love, poney

Is All about Christmas
23 Dec 09, party rockkss on Santa's Miracles Night. Having so much fun that night with girls, they are just so fun to be with. Guess what to be next, pichass again

always being funny

rockers rock the stage



We are so syok gaming with munching precious baby iphone

and last but not least, our group photo =)

for more photo, check on mua facebook, hoho

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thurs,17 Dec
Went pavilion with girls just to catch up the amaze snowing moment that happening at there at 8pm till 26 dec. It was quite breath taking for me (for just lik 5 second), haha, don boo me, i know the so called snow is just some kind of soap bubble, but for me tat living in msia tat summer the whole year, when the snow flying down from the pavilion roof, i was like"wao, snowing~~~~" duh, please imagine.. haha. and of cause we do shopping as well, girls always girls =) spent quite a lot but i will it earn back *ngek ngek, evil grins. met the funniest kit yee and mun ching there as well, hav lunch with them. oh ya, that was a funny scenario, at one moment abby actually mumbling something which she purposely don say it clearly, and she was saying the sentence for bout lik 3 time. den she say use 'xin dian gan ying'(heart connection) to connect what she is saying. wenise and i was like this girl is so annoyed, and suddenly i poop up something in my mind and ans her sentence:lets go starbuck? abby knock her head and i was lik shouted so loud and keep omg-ing, haha, i was actually so shock that 'xin dian gan ying' this thingy actually exist, duh, mayb u will not get what im actually talking bout. haha, so yea, lets continue the post with pichasssss..

lunch at Kim Gary

Spotted two funny girls

there they are: munching and kityee

wenise: mao kang sei ngo?? XD

chopped off my hair, wonder to cut it shorter ^^

Snowing in Msia!!

wuhoo~~ pavi rockkkssss

spotted muscular guy *ngek ngek

ahem, coach for my christmas present? muahaha!!

my dear wenise was mia(missing in action) because she was moody that time
thats all, ciao