Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With a blink of eyes, After suffering for the final, here we come to the end of Sem2. Hooray?? of course we need to cheer for couple of reasons:
1st, The holy mama Sem Break
2nd, The holy papa CNY, lols 

3nd, The holy son Sem 3 is a short-sem =)
4th, The holy daughter outing plansss

Its only the first day im staying at home (okay, i did went out on the afternoon) but i feel like rotting. duh, its too BORING!

The Days After Final 1
We went Red Box Plus for karaoke session yesterday cause we're craving for it since...before the final? Btw, its quite worth it if you ask for my comment. They served better buffet, longer karaoke duration for like 4 hrs, nice environment and of course better service for welcoming you. Yea, why i mentioned welcoming, cause when you finish and pay for the bills they dont even bother to thank you, lols.

This is the portion of buffet we took, is not really that much but we still didn manage to finish it.
Hey, we're here to sing, who cares about food (excuses.. =X )

The little piece of choc cake and lamb steak is good

We shot a video of "Tutorial for Wearing Mic 'Cap'-by Wenise" =D

I like this photo of them

Don doubt, this is our style of karaoke.
We don even bother to sit still on the couch but standing and sit On Top of it.
We act crazy, hey yo cctv, you caught us XDD

Do you smell cny? Apparently pavilion did.
Watch out for their glamorous cny decoration.
They always putting hard effort on these kind of decoration, thumbs up!!

More to go, muahahaha, ciao

Monday, January 25, 2010

 We Love Food

First and foremost, muahahaa, im proudly to announce that we are free after tomorrow!!!! Freely flying without wings. Oh yea, tomorrow will be our last paper which is accounts paper and its holiday Holiday HOLIDAY after that! Forgive me for being over excited, but it just like some kind of feelings like birds released from their cage, car with fully pumped petrol, boyfriends escaped from their girls XDDD okay okay, maybe its slightly early to say that, but who cares? Im having plansss, I Smell Holiday =)

As im saying its like birds released from their cage, which means im going to release from my cage as well. what else if not the 'precious' library. Yea, abby told me just then that we 'stucked' in library for almost 3 weeks and i was like "Wow~~".

Again, we drag ourselves there today.Is time for lunch, and i said: Lets go subway~ muahaha,and there we go

Perhaps 6-inchs is not that long huh

Steak with cheese (sounds something like that)
But the mustard and cheese really make Yummy!

A Serious Woman is Always That Attractive

We have this choc chip cookies
And i was like: Im gonna bake some cookies one day. BOO!!

This little cookie lying inside makes me thought of

Abby Ang, this is Cookie Monster!! XD
C is for COOKIE 

And here we go,ciao~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still there's something that she hope no one knew
Tangible nor intangible still being review

Memories or Missed she cant feel
One little sentence written from you
Makes her whole night blue

Food Paradise
Wenise ng treated us pizza hut today,wuhooo~ Same pizza Same spaghetti for the second time within 2 week? Gosh, we are not crazy, of course we having reason for it =X 3 pax for 3 person this time, but it seems like more than enough for us, lols, applause for us to manage sapu 4 pax for 3 person the time before *thanks thanks  But of course i still prefer Domino's, next time lets order some delivery, nono to pizza hut anymore =)

ngekngek, abby ang LOVES to take funny pictures these days. So im not gonna be so nice to u, deng deng deng deng, im gonna reveal your stupid pic NOW!!! but im still kind, cause this is still the minor one =X

Please someone send this girl to some sort of acting class, SHE IS GOOD IN IT!!!!

Went wangsa walk after then. Abby having stuff to do there, so while waiting the time to pass, we hang around in popular ( hoho, we are so banyak banyak membaca ya XD ) We found a book about palmistry and guess what, we straightly sit down on the floor, holding one book each, start to discuss, laughing lik nobody business, this is always our way.

Recently, thats a 'prank sms' incident happened to us. Basically, its a person that claims that he/she is one of our friends. Then, he/she ask to meet blabla and most ridiculous part he/she ask for credit top up for emergency used. Lies-Flies around, hey to you, you are not good in lying, way to improve. Its happened to me once few months ago, and now turn to be Wenise and Abby. A long long story and i won details in here. Lols, we bet that this is not some random unknown person, he/she is someone we knew, cause he/she really know us well. Btw, its immature to act like this, and please larr whats your purpose? Life is too dull? To fool around? Or 'surprise' for us? Please spend your 'precious' time on something that will benefit you, perhaps moral classes?

Love Poney

Monday, January 18, 2010

Starbucks is Love

Its Sunday today, a beautiful sunday but unfortunately we have to drag our body,our soul to library. Why? Simply because home is full of distraction, u know, we just cant get our eyes off from laptop and even tv. So yea, you will found us in library almost everyday from morning till evening for exam periods.When it's not final, there is just a place for us to enjoy-the-cooling system-avoid-from-the-sun, well, FYI library is always freezing even though the world outside sun is shining, human is sweating.

So we headed lunch at Mcd in the afternoon and Star-some-bucks after mcd. We almost vomiting after the choc beverage, our stomach are over-loaded!! haha.. oh ya, just notice today that you will get a 10% discount for starbucks at jusco if you're a j-card member, cool yorr~ wuhooo!!! lols..

Haha, spotted abby ang covered by a 'Be Mine Love'. I managed to capture her with a superb funny expression. So for good sake, im not going to show it out, muahahahaha~~

Talking about finals, im still having 3 subjects to go and afterthat of course **cheng cheng cheng.. sem break till cny !!!! holy mama, its HOLIDAYSSSS,wuhoo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 is all about effort
imma putting efforts in everything, (yea, if i will..) when im studying hard for the final which is around the corner and almost reach crawling to the middle today, i suddenly get a 'ding' *sound effect when idea pops up* -Effort doesnt definitely bring success, but at least u have no sorry for yourself. so yea, its a E-F-F-O-R-T year for 2010, im gonna work it out. hohoho

Love poney

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We are craving for fast food lately. Mcd for abby and kfc for me yesterday, and today wenise is seeking for pizza hut!!! and of course, for no second doubt, we headed to pizza hut after class. wuhooo~ seems we need something to energize us whenever it comes to the study-revision-non-stop-moment huh? and you know what? we are 3 in total but we ordered 4 pax, those included 3 single pizza, 1 spaghetti, 2 garlic bread, 4 mushroom soups, 4 drinks. oh gosh, a woolala party before final exam? we stuff in like never-eat-any-single-thing-for-3-days but eventually we gave up and lying like a dead golden fish,lols. what u expect, we are just 3 lil tiny girls with lil mini stomach, hahahha, OMGosh =X 

wenise, what u gonna do with the spaghetti?

poor little thing that safe from lying in our stomach but rubbish bin instead?

-the end of the story-

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Eve before 2010
Having a simple celebration with the same christmas gang again. Overnight at llm uncle's house. After steak around 11ish, we rush to the house for catching up the fireworks, we having a great view of it, get to enjoy several spots of fireworks in kl at once, wuhoo~ beer'ing session after then, its seem like having a little theater at home, watched movie with superb comfortable sofa bed and dark environment, lolx. I dropped after  a couple cans of beer, sleep straight after to avoid stupid action to be done,hahas.

did u guys catch up the so called blue moon that night?

oh ya,before that, im having an lil accident just before the new yr eve night. to start the story, it was happened when me and abby went to night market. im looking for a parking, and unpredictably we found one which is very near to the night market. "whoa, we're lucky today!!" i said. and just after then, when im reversing slowly to adjust my car, i bang a waja which stop behind me. luckily its just few minor scratch on the waja bumper, and lastly we settled it at bengkel by paying hundred and twenty bucks for him to repaint the bumper. ishhh, what a new year eve *or maybe this indicates that bads will left on 09, and brings goods to me on 10? ngekngekngek.okay, lets continue the title, the guys playing around.

after lunch the next day, we off back to home. so yea, lets restart our life on the very 1st january of 2010.
add-on: Final is here not more that 2 weeks time, useless to omg for now, should dump in my soul in studies. Lets have a date in library XD

Happy new year again!!
Love poney