Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lets Be Kind To Those Who Rushing =)
 I happened to have this idea to blog about this when im on my way to work today. Its quite frustrated sometimes when you're in a hurry, people was blocking the escalator way and you will need to 'excuse me' all the way long in order to move yourself up to the top.  -Stand Left and Walk Right- did you guys actually aware about this escalator rules? In countries especially like Japan and Singapore, people there are rushing every time, so they're actually very concerned about this. This particular escalator rules was set to give way for those who are in hurry so that they can walk on the right while others can stand on the left until they reach the top. So please keep the right side open whenever you're on the escalator especially when you're in the railway stations, this is a kind of the social chemistry =)

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