Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Piece

College was being great till now, i mean throughout the first and second weeks, cause we will be like seriously madly busy-like-a-crazy weeks after the second week. Reports, tests, courseworks, presentations, finals whatever you can named it will be torturing us from the third week till the end of this semester. So? God bless.

That day when we were waiting wenise at the parking lot, we spotted ethan car. Then we were like: Lets snap photo with it!!! XD haha, his Silver 2182 Viva is now the celebrity of group dac-27. They even have an album for his car- Viva 2182 Collection, LOLS  I wonder if the little viva is practising his/her signature to sign for his/her fans in future? XD Oh ya ethan, is a HE or a SHE?

See? The three cars above were actually all belongs to my groupmates, hahaha!! and this was the photo taken another day, seems like we cant get rid of the viva 2182 huh? XD i was wondering, what if one day all cars in our group line up in a line at the parking lot, must be spectacular huh? Okay, slap me, tak habis-habis ni..

Went for TongShui in kepong on the monday night with guys. Still, i prefer 'gei dak sek', there's the only place that we can get the perfect TongShui in Kepong.

A 'cool-yorr' photo of me, credited to abby. I was on the phone with wenise ng, lying her that we were outside her house now, asking her to tie up his dog and let us in, haha. Alex even imitate the dog barks to convince her, zzz XD

Soul mate *ehem

A sudden decision, we went one utama to catch up a midnight movie after that, 72 tenants. The destination from kepong to one u was actually very near, like very. But due to abby forgot to set her gps from "Skip tol" to "Normal Route", we went a big round from kota damansara, sunway damansara to reach the one utama. XD Lols, luckily we managed to get tickets there, if not die 99. So, talk about the movie, it's absolutely funny and worth it to watch, we laughed-out-like-really-loud in the cinema.


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