Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roaring Hot, Genting We Went
Friday, We went one day trip to genting. Its extremely hot in the city, so you can even imagine the coldness in genting, Not-Cold-At-All, it just like those rainy and windy days we have in kl. But it gets better after the rain in the afternoon.

See, quite unsual to spot me eating icecream in genting, usually im freezing hard.

Its great to go during normal days, not weekends, not holidays if you really searching for excitement at  the Outdoor theme park, genting. No long queue for the games (exceptional for few popular games), so basically you will need not to waste all your time by just waiting.

My game rules: we must really scream out loud to play these excited games. So we are seriously screaming madly by not caring how others look at us, lols, especially Shelby. We rock yorrr!!! XD

Im not a little kitten, i quite dare in challenging those extreme games, but absolutely not this one-The Space Shot. I tried it once, oh gosh, my heart was really beating harsh when im hanging up on the top, counting 10 seconds in order to prepare myself when the thing shoot down! I was telling myself, no second time. Oh btw, they changed the pattern, its no more 10 seconds sequence.

*Im just a old lady tired in the moment, im so tired, so i show it out* lyrics of The Show by PONEY. im a lil old for these, i lost my energy after all these activities. I squat, I lay on abby's shoulder, I yawn, whatever. yawning~

Nevertheless, there's something that can burst me up, energize me is to Eat!!!

Not to forget, this little doll really caught our attention. Roar! She is utterly CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so shy but she keep smiling to us. Shelby even managed to cuddle her which is so AWESOME!!

This is shelby, the one who grab my first kiss for girls with a super tricky way! XD

Okay, stop asking me, yeayea, im actually the owner of this shop XDDDDDD *ehem

We actually took tons of pictures, lols, so check out facebook for more pictures =)

OH! Sem 2 Final Result is coming out tomorrow!!! haha, usssshh dac-27 and friends!!!! Sigining out here, ciao.

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