Friday, July 31, 2009

presentation day



bms test - CHECK
me test - CHECK
he presentation - CHECK
role play - next wed but it's fine ^^
me assignment - going to start..

all stuff happening in one day almost pulling me away
and yet something happened almost stopped my heart-beat
i have no idea y my phone's time is late exactly an HOUR from usual time
so u know what? im setting my alarm at 6.45am as my class is on 8
and im waking up at 7.45am when the alarm ringing.. hell**
and and and im having the bms test on 8!!
after the rushing rushing scene,
i managed to reached col with only 5 min late, the test was just started
thanks god..

put away all sorts of pressure,stress for now
and now is the time for relaxing.. hoho
a bigger one will start all over again when my final exam..XD

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

didn online for a couple days, not sure wats the hack problem of my maxis broadband. and now im using my bro's one while he is off from home. XD oh gosh, im truly mad just now. went for lunch at mcd with wenise just now for the sake of the promotion(lunch time rm5.95) but yet we did not pay for the promotion price. after our order, we just realize that it was just 11.45am as the promotion is for 12-3pm == im kinda frustrated at the moment and even worst when i heard the next counter's cashier did actually remind them bout the promotion in another 10 min more. duh, whatever.. date with them on sat for the pc fair and movie-the proposal. ^^ hmm.. didn saw abby for a few days and yet i face wenise almost everyday,hahas, miss u nahXD going to continue for my presentation preparation.. life is now surrounding with this kind of stuff, merry-go-round for coursework, presentation, assignment and so on..... so yea, gotta go. bye

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i said to take a nap yesterday,but it becomes my sweet sleep.only woke up for dinner and back to sleep again until the next morning.hmmm....... tat means from 4 something on the eve till 8 morning on this morning XDDD work the whole day today and tomorrow will be my last day of work **wee

PC FAIR is in the town again next going IM GOING!!!!go get mp3 player for my car^^

my eyes are getting blurry, maybe b'cause of the con.okay okay SLEEP appearing in my mind now again

*go to sleep****GO TO BED**


Friday, July 24, 2009


just back from col after the super-duper boring HE tutorial
my eyelids gonna drop while the tutor talking non-stop
okay, back to the topic..
im damn fully occupied with stress, mental+physical strain started next week.
and next friday i might transform into a superwomen
ME test, QS test, HE presentation and ENG role play(if im really that 'lucky' enough to be choosen) all in once
im serious, im serious, i seriously need to put more effort on these test, presentation & role play
arrgghh!! wats wrong with the weather??? TERRIBLE
im now still sweating despite with the fan in speed 2 (or maybe i need to speed up to 3)
when weather is hot enough--> here comes headache ==
when weather is hot enough enough --> here comes drowsy+sleepy XD
yes, u knew it.. im going to take a nap after this.. hahaha XDDDD
and i will study Study STUDY after my nap (hmmmm.......)
okay, bye

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

going to be heart attack
hey,don try to stick my 'butt'
if you're so in hurry, plz fly your car ==

bless me

Monday, July 20, 2009

my line is freaking slow, i need my drama plss..
should i dye my hair once again? should i?? **wondering
super-duper-hatred-test+role play+presentation on next week @@
but im still 'relaxing' in action ** impress XD

jusco day this thursday~yuhoo
officially stop my job after next weekend~ yuhoo x2
so damn lotsa mosquito now ==
putt putt putt............
whats wrong with my facebook?? TT
"im just a little girl lost in the moment,im so scared but i don show it out~~~~" ** THE SHOW-ing ^^
i wish..............
i love simply chilling *wink
money money come, $$$$$$$
whenever im blogging, it means by im too lazy to stuck myself in anything else,except by crapping.. hohohoho''

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cut my fringe again

im so addicted into drama series now. one after another, non-stop..XDD
and for today im free from classes and i actually sit with my lappie all day long ,watch it with my lunch, with my dinner, with my exercise..accept for the toilet @@ **smack me..
somehow, i did 'force' myself to finish all my exercise ^^
im having a task for tomorrow.
we need to write a free-writing journal, i still cant figure out what title to write on
maybe i'll pen down all nonsense and 'RANDOM' will be it title, good idea? XDD
duh, forget bout it ba.. =tomorrow task, tommorrow complete=
and now i just need to continue my drama, ciao

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

okay, lets talk about today. when i was still having my nice sweet dream, wenise wake me up for breakfast. and the worst thing is she reach my house least than 5 min after the call@@ seriously make me so darn 'gan jeong' when im preparing while she's waiting downstairs TT **box her box her. and the thing that make me couldn't breath, coursework test is starting AGAIN for another 1 more week!!! what?! seems lik im just had my previous test in last week @@ omg omg omg, everyone was desperate. kill me bah.. XD oh another thing, i was chatting with wenise about kampar today. imagining our life in kampar if we're moving there for our degree. we couldnt imagine the life in kampar, mayb no mall, then we'll wondering everyday in kedai runcit, perhaps 7-11.hahass.. psycho us. i'll stop my work after this month, totally exhausted and im not going to torture myself so much=) seems like i love to bugging once in a while, blogging out all stupid thingy. gonna complete my accounts later on, i cant continue to be so damn lazy. NONONO. **test will be one more week after**test will be one more week after**mumbling mumbling but still doing nothing == action plz neo wei nee.. haha.. knock off, tatas~

Monday, July 13, 2009

sense.always lay in my heart
and would it laid forever?

Maybe i need to upside turn myself

for blood to flow through my brain
for idea to poop out with the help of gravity
for an accidentally knock of my head to the floor
for i donno even know hand-stand
for im looking for a lost girl
for im greedy
for its good for now, but should be better
for what am i trying to blog out
for im crapping no where
for plz ignore this post XDD figure out the missing part in myself
**ching ching.. angel found the missing puzzle @@


Friday, July 10, 2009

The Quote:

When We Wake Up In The Morning,
We Have Two Simple Choices
Go Back to Sleep and Dream,
or Wake Up and Chase Those Dreams

Choice is Yours..

found this in my mail,
funny yet meaningful.
but how good if i could choose to go back to sleep and dream,
yea,im always the LAZY one
lol, but impossible life need to go on XD

Thursday, July 9, 2009

just get to watch this movie on dvd
i know im a bit slow.haha
but omg im totally into in. serioulsy,passionate romance.
they are awesome
for ladies, go get and watch this movie, i bet you'll not regret XDD

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just feeling to post up this photo
taken by yunni, credits for her **clapss
somehow, i taken the same pose's photo of her as well XD
hmm.. okay, should i crap about my daily routine?
we hang out in 4 season today, with my 2 dearest
ntg special, ntg special, as usual gossip gossip 'merry-go-round' =X
tomorrow going to workout in gym ^^
oh ya! OO night will be held on this sunday.
since im having fun throughout the last tt night
and abby is having extra tickets,
so im now wondering to join her or not?
**going? not going? GOING? NOT GOING? **
lol, i actually knew the ans, im working on sun!! arrgghHH!!
delight me with your smile

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


just leave me, let me float middle the sea

and i will found an island somewhere

i will awake in someday

Monday, July 6, 2009

yeap.. tt night rockz on!!
nothing much to write on+im lazy
read by photos ba XDDD

first arrived...



BIG head of us

..more and more cam whoring

my dear yiyi

my dear abby




okay, after we actually entered the hall
and the show will only officially starts on 6
we are totally starving due to we just ate a slice of cake for the whole day==
so we 'slip' to desa for our dinner XDD

we eating like hungry monster with the formal wear @@
and we're acting silly with my black rose ring while waiting ling XD

my version-no idea what theme

yiyi's version-sexy

pui's version-beauty

after than, we headed back to col
and we're actually slightly late
but doesnt matter
we still enjoy, and maybe too enjoy? @@
hahahaha..we're all crazy inside
but theres another group crazier than us
i just keep laughing of their crazy act
but abby ask funny meh? she actually felt weird of the girls that act like memang crazy XD

thumbs up for every finalist
especially carmen-the winner of solo and overall winner
**claps clapsssss

after the show, cam woaring again

the sweetiest ling



poney.sun sun

..and us with the CLOWN!!

finally in the house..

no idea y, i simply love this pic

thats all...
and again tt night ROCKSSS!!

5th JULY 2009
ya.. wow is only the word i can speak out now
crazy day today.. we rock'ed today
i LOVE tt night in col
and im seriously lost my voice==
for shouting and cheering like crazy in the party
okay.. back to the topic
super duper 'singk' session in the morning

oh! hamtaro i am TT

me with red mic 'shower cap'

wenise with yellow mic 'shower cap'

abby with green 'shower cap'


we chill at secret recipe after than

yum yum yummy..
but i hate cheese cakes
they knew it XDD

thats all for the noon
we are heading to tt night in the night **yea
tt night will be continue in next post
tons of photo we had actually taken @@