Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wao! Guess what? this is interesting. Liese bubble hair colour which allowed you to colour your hair by yourself. It's as simple as washing your hair. Just massage up the bubbles on your hair and leave it approximate 30 mins and there goes your permanent hair colour.  DIY will do! According to the review, the foam reaches all over the head which can achieve a more even, beautiful hair colour and it gets good comment from consumers.

Sho attractive isnt it? But too bad this product havent launch in Malaysia =( Well i guess it's soon, cause you can find liese hair products in Watson now. So hope they are bringing this to Malaysia too. I will definitely try this out, woots! Cant wait. 

-I Wish I Stay in Japan or even Singapore-

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

-Feelings change,memories don't-

One week supper supply. *grins*

Sometimes we seek for advice when we already know the answer but wish we didn't. Or we toss coin to convince ourselves. There's one scene like this in The Legend is Born-Ip Man, that's what we usually do. LOL

And this morning finally i received my Fresh Look Trial Lens. I almost forget bout it until abby told that she get her lens the other day.

Ah yes, 500 power of shortsightedness for both eyesight. So lenses are my necessity, im blind without it. =X


Great cause I Love Freebies

Monday, June 28, 2010

So another movie for the week. The Legend is Born: Ip Man. What i will say is, its not as thrill as Ip Man 2. But overall it was still good.

Bad News, will not getting my internet connection back so soon as there are problems going on. Well, having 2 tests coming up this week so it might advantage me. Mayb, maybe if there's some possibilities when im too bored in the night without internet, then i would taxation to kill my boredom. LOL

Thursday, June 24, 2010

After the ToyStory1&2, we're having a high expectation towards this ToyStory3. Apparently, its a great movie, thumbs up! Rate 10/10 from me. Woah! We literally LOL-ing all the way. Especially the scene when Mr Potato place his eyes/ears/mouth on a piece something like Roti Canai. And also not to forget the scene when Buzz suddenly speak spanish. Its definitely worth to watch. Well you see, i cant stop myself in buying the ToyStory combo set. So lovely


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I should have start drafting for my presentation in an hour ago but ended up scrolling aimlessly through fb, random webs and now blog. Gee. Its sho windy now, going to rain perhaps, so nvm i'll try to finish it up after a short nap =D

Well, i have been so grumpy these days. Imba without internet connection i guess, haha! oh, fyi, im sort of 'stealing' my bro's broadband now, shhh. =X I have to cause i might turn crazy and oh my baking life cakes will burnt then there goes my 'effort' LOL

  Too addicted? tsk tsk tsk

Anyways, nap now, ciao =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Outdated from the network social world for almost 3 days. My broadband officially dead in sudden with no reasons. All the way to Maxis broadband center @ KLCC, spent few hours sitting and waiting just hope to get things solve but Nothing They Can Do! At last the solution they gave me was to terminate it and asked me to register a new line to get a new broadband. Fine, i terminated it and say bye with maxis broadband, no more maxis broadband in my life, they really give me problems. So now i would attached to Streamyx. Hopefully things settled asap, i cant really survive without internet, seriously. -.-

As usual, midterm test, presentation are things that bugging us now. Luckily there's not much assignment to do for this semester cause i really hate it lots.

Woots! but there's always something that able to make my day =) We always love food.

Newly designed donuts from Big Apple that dressed like sushi which named as Donashi!  
Sho Cute!

The little donuts with the cream fillings was quite nice to me. Not to forget the chocolate sauce which makes perfect for the chocolate lover. But too bad it only comes in 28 pieces/ 18 pieces which means you would need to have at least 4 person to finish it up. Why don they sell like smaller portion? =(  its too large for me if im the only one who craving for it, 20 pieces worrr, how to finish? -.-

" Mushi Mushi.. Oh My Donashi" It rhymes! =D

Photo credited to Wenise Ng X)


and finally i get this Mcd-Coca cola Contour Glass, purple colour somemore!

FIFA Rockss! Though i don watch football at all =X

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A random saturday, did a lil shopping with abby and her sis @ Ikano. Chilled at starbucks in the evening, enjoy watching people around, had a nice chit chatting session. My saturday was as Slurp as a Chocolate Cream Chips Frappuccino, Just Nice.  

Love simply hanging out  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

See, im getting lazy to blog. Hows life? Normal Ordinary Nothing special. Trying to put efforts for college, Fight for work. After the twisties game booth that i worked for last weekend, i noticed that work can be fun too. haha. thanks June for being a great partner, nice to work with you (only if u read this) 

Oh! one thing i realize about college. Why there's so much students stuffing inside the library now at a so ordinary hour in a so ordinary day huh? Sho unsual scene! There's even not enough place for our bags, bags were throwing all over the floor, no jokes, even pack than the so called final examination season. zzz

Okay, this was a belated belated post. A little birthday celebration for the birthday boy a day before his big day. The Summer steamboat buffet restaurant seems to leave us a good impression after our first visit, simply because of their unlimited supplies of chicken wings, so here we go again S-U-M-M-E-R. Woots!

  This reminds me Abby almost eaten a RAW CRAB! Sashimi Crab she likey,lol =X

Arrr, i miss this honeydew ice cream. Where can i get this? ='(

Shows that im getting wider, haha!

Thought of catching up a movie but due to some circumstances, we went back our place to chill. A new place-Downtown definitely is a recommended place for chilling. Nice environment, Nice food, Reasonable price and Friendly waiter/waitress.

It was located at the Business Park, Sri Rampai.

Great photos from DSLR. but im too dumb to use it, so forget about being one of the DSLR user, haha!

Woots! A perfectly presented ice cream peanut butter toast bread ordered by me!

and guess what

An ewww leftover destroyed by me also! X) 
Master of Art i am, LOL

How many of you would actually slow down your footsteps to just give the sunset a gaze?
Sunset is not ending your day but welcoming your next sunrise

-I Love When Food Comes in Buffet Style-