Monday, March 8, 2010

Game of Tarc
Everyone was posting about their results, how satisfied/ dissatisfied about it. Haha, but im gonna blog about the process of checking the result. Errrr, i have no idea how other college students find out their results, but for Tarc, we are checking our results from our intranet. Oh gosh! This was the most agitated method ever! You wont experience kind of thing during our schooling time, i mean primary/secondary. We were just need to take a deep breath and check out the marks of the examination paper that distributed by our teacher those times. Even pmr and spm, the nervous thing will only occur for only few seconds which is the time for you to take the result paper and take a view for your whole result. But then this online checking thingy is totally different! First, when the day of releasing result was announced, everyone was waiting about it. And when the day arrived, gosh! like today, i purposely wake up early in the morning (which i believe most of them do), the first thing i do were to on my laptop before even brush my teeth& wash my face, my eyes were still half closing somemore. Then, too bad the result wasn't updated and everyone was complaint about it. From 9 something till 10 something, this was the harsh time ever! Im not nervous at first but waiting like this makes me feel like dying. My heart was seriously beating darn fast! And then while im giving up and were to off my laptop, i received couple of msg saying that results were updated. Okay, so this is the most gan jeong moment, everyone will like fighting for the line as the intranet will be super duper vegetable lag when over thousand of students are accessing it. So you will need to refresh Refresh and REFRESH again, i felt my heart stop beating seriously for few seconds, lols, its-not-fun, and words like this will came out from my mouth, "Idiot line" "Ooi, faster larr" "Deng!!" zzzzz, the whole gan jeong process was to only get to know our own result. Syok pun, but this game is not recommended for those who having sakit jantung.

p/s: reading this post might also cause you sakit jantung XDDD i mean sakit hati as you will feel like boxing me.

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  1. haha...sibeh gan jeong when waiting for the results. the anxiety of dunno when it will come out PLUS the lagginess totally kills!
    nicely done post! (Y) :D