Monday, November 30, 2009

Event: SBS Prom Night
Date: 29 Nov 09
Theme: Garden of Eden
Venue: College Hall.Swimming Pool, TARC

 Hair Stylist of the Day

the sbs night starts

abby.munching.poney,kit yee 

 Comment: not as expected

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thurs, 26 Nov
Outing with Abby and Alex after my class.Done our shopping session, thanks Alex for being so patient, its not a easy job to acc girls when they're shopping around, hahas. and Abby saying that im being much more 'yim zim',hardly to get myself a new stuff *wondering. Stopped by Station Kopitiam for chilling

i asked them to pose in same way, cute mou?

with smile and with not

spectie abby

A sudden decision, we went 4 season for second round chilling in the evening

oh yea, feel the cool in winter section

the so-called 一网打尽
and we were joking with it XDD

Santa Claus is coming to town..

commits suicide-ing

The night is still young, we went Wangsa Walk which is a new opening mall. TGV please open as soon as possible, im gonna catch up movie whenever i wantXD Ate a crispy banana chocolate which make my stomach full like hell. And plans haven end, we went carrefour due to abby wanna to get a mirror. hahas, im totally out of energy went im back around 10.Thats all for the day.

As normal, 2 assign and a eng group presentation to be settle. I gotta feeling, that my day gonna be a busy day~ ciao

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wed,25 Nov
happened to be a healthy wednesday, we went titiwangsa park for a jog. but ended up, muahahaha, the so-called jogging turn to be playground adventure. fooling around like 5 yrs old kids? adui.. XDD

Tues, 24 Nov
november babies celebration in college. from planning-hiding below staircase for surprise-waiting for birthday girl and boy-birthday boy eating mee in canteen-change surprise plan to canteen-sing-cut-eat-laugh Laugh LAUGH, fun though, we should make something like this more often X)
Happy Belated Birthday to Si Ying
Early Wish Birthday to Soon Yong

the nov babies

group photo+wai wai XD
heart this pic

Monday, November 23, 2009

昨天,和自己又打了一场战,反常的战.自己是打不死的蟑螂?真的快受不了,下去的日子还需要这样子过?吐得快半条命,一路上回着家,也不知吐了有几回. 那时候所谓的丢脸,也已经不在乎.至少我都没有污染环境.谢谢昨天在快铁的他,让了个位子,借了我个胶袋.一直挣扎了有几个小时.第一次昏了倒下去,把桌子也打翻了,没自觉,那几秒看不见,却听到妈妈,快把她吓死了.吞了碗粥,却反胃‘捐赠’给了马桶. 心里,反复地说,到了明天就没事. 痛.不了?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Went for movie 2012 on monday with college gangs,its been a really hotto movie recently.
everyone was desperately wanted to watch the movie and it really deserve a thumbs up from us. abby meet us after the movie and we went Bar.b.q to settle our hunger. but if not because of the refillable green tea and we drank at least 4 cups each, the serving doesnt actually filled even half of our stomach.

Asking to wait for miracles

Friday, November 13, 2009

What If things arent happened in peace,happy ending way?
What if thing goes wrong sometimes?

The Day after today
tests are over
presentation done

Imagine when i reach 20? 21? 22?
gone wild with success
im living with certain goal
am proceeding from now..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its true, and i finally realize.why would all these days i ruin it with something unworthy. after all, to be true i gain more in terms of mentally, im living perfectly than years past. i dont have time to waste on something stupid that not even having a 50 percent chances of success and seriously i dont want things that not going far.

so dude, rather than wasting time, go on and get right for it.

Friday, November 6, 2009


suppose i have tons of things lining up waiting me to do. but yea, lazy devil won eventually.  hooray~?? im having IOM&MACRO test and eng presentation for next week, and luckily im 'awake' enough to force myself to finish my full write-up,slides and outlines for the presentation if not i gonna die gao gao, wouldnt have enough time cause weekend is occupied by job. am feeling unwell in my stomach,woolala

脑无能?行动和思想不协调,人本身的问题,还是魔鬼作怪. 人,用心说话还是脑? 存于几十年,足够让你反省? 消失.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

♥Define Poney 
Plays poney-ly
BE poney-ish