Friday, April 30, 2010

The Birth-Day 2!
Okay, its actually two days after my birthday but you know what,surprise still to be revealed.

A random date, we planned to go for ice-skating@sunway. Its been a long time we went for ice-skating, the last time was 2 years ago, yes! we have counted it, its exactly 2 years ago =X

The morning, they came to my house. 'Ding Dong', guess what? Wenise was holding a handmade choc cake, i was like Wao! and when i turn to the other side, abby was holding something pink, its dkny Be Delicious. Wao Wao again! I love you two!!

I insisted to put candle on the cake X) Without those birthday candles, i put the candle that we actually used to play.

This was the second handmade birthday cake i get from her. The first one was when my 17th birthday, woolala~

I wanted this for so long ROAR

You can see how happy am i XD lol im so good in acting

After all the surprises, here we depart to sunway. Met the ms shelby and had our brunch at one random korean restaurant.
And i menghabiskan two portion of rice (Y) Slurrrpppp

Here we go ice-skating!!!

 Don ask us pk how many times lol =X

We keep playing with wenise new cool cam (Y) Came out this lol picture,hahaah

Credit to mr kkg for his recommendation. We had our steamboat buffet @ summer.

Kesian ini ms shelby, we keep bullying and teasing her 'kampung' LOL but she seems having lots of fun also huh? XDD

Nom Nom Nom~ Durian, vanilla and honeydew ice cream is love. but too bad abby hates the every 3 ice cream flavor i took, tsk tsk tsk

We all blurrrpp after stuffing all the food in. This is what buffet meant for right? Eat till you want to vomit. 


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Birth-Day!
With a blink of eyes, in this year of 2010, in this date 25th of april, im 19 this day. By the clock strikes 12, or even before it, wishes flooded from fb to msn and sms-es. Words cant describe my feelings, im touched, im pleased. Thank you everyone and those special one, thanks for the wishes, the celebrations and the presents. Im glad having u guys around for my birthday =)

So for the day, the sunday, abby and i went for Toy Story 1&2, a 4 hours movie. Its just like a new movie to me as i totally forgot the storyline of Toy Story. All the while i thought the toys were all trying to escape from Andy's (the owner) house in this Toy Story but they actually love their owner. So i will definitely catch up the Toy Story 3 (Y)

After the long hours movie, we had our lunch @ Wong Kok. They have this special big size birthday milk tea for the birthday girls/boys of the day. 

We had this long conversation there. Non stop chatting. This is what special about us, topic never ends among us X)

Cookies Monster!!! This was from abby and eerick. Muahahaha, my lil elmo and lil cookies monster meet a new member. And the pink colour thing, guess what? Is a hand-made cake from abby. ROAR thank you.

For the night, we went dinner at Cowboy@ Desa Petaling with llm and guys. And eerick unexpectedly came to join us, lol, thanks for the surprise and the present. I appreciated X) 

Catch up a midnight movie @ MidValley-Being Human after dinner to end the day.

Its been a simple yet great birthday for me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Surprise
After struggling for almost 2 weeks, here ends the semester 3 finals. The day straight after my last paper, i went karaoke with girls, roar! they are seriously madly C-R-A-Z-Y, we're actually dancing, shouting in the room LOL had so much fun with them, definitely the craziest karaoke session i had! (Y) 

The next day, guess what's my activity for the day? Yes, karaoke with another gang again. See, i told ya, don ask me how many times we went for karaoke, more than enough for the staff to recognize us =) so guess what again? they gave me a surprise advance birthday celebration. ROAR! thanks guys,like so much. And of course not to forget my birthday cake-A dozen of Big Apple Iceberg! The best coolness melts in your mouth(Y)

Thanks guys!!! Appreciate it lots

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Randomness of April

April Choice of Food: Big Apple
This used to be jiaya's favorite, but she had influenced us. We are now craving for it most of the time, even it the lecture class. So here comes our Big Apple Master Piece, this is what we call 望梅止渴

April Choice of Entertainment: Karaoke&Movie

Don ask me how many times i went for karaoke this 2 months,we-are-crazy!! LOL

Catch up "how to train your dragon" with gangs last friday. Definitely getting a thumbs up from me. Actually dragon was kinda cute? LOL More awesome movies to catch up, but not before my finals *sigh

April Craziness:Birthday!!!
Wao, seriously, quite a number of friend's birthday drop on April. so? celebrations, cakes tak habis-habis X) LOL i-cant-even-count-how-many-cakes-that-we-actually-ate-for-this-two-months

April Busy-ness:FINALS
 Bad (N) I hate finals, no, we all hate finals!!

..and lastly April Special!!!!

EHEM,EHEM,EHEM, muahahahahaha!!!! its mua birthday X)

 I Heart April, LOL


Friday, April 2, 2010

 Young Mummies
-I saw a friend of mine today with a little baby girl in her arm and a guy following her which probably is her husband. She's one year younger than me.-
-I heard couple of news about few young girls were pregnant.-
-I saw photos of my old friend with her baby in facebook.-
-I read blog by young blogger saying that they're bringing baby to the world soon.-
They are young mummies gonna be =)

Obviously is a mistake that brings the baby. They could choose for abortion, but they're not giving up, they give these babies a chance to come to the world. To be true, one part of me, i respect them. I bet its the hardest choice ever to decide, its the hardest time ever to go through, it required the biggest braveness to make the decision. The day they decided to bring this baby to the world is the day their life started to change. All the best to them =)