Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'll Remember You

It has been so long since we have talked
I hope that things are still the same
Hoping they will never change
Cause what we had can't be replaced
Don't let our memories fade away

Keep me in your heart for always
You made me believe that I can do almost anything
Stood there by me through the tears through everything
I'll remember you
And baby that's forever true
You're the one that I'll always miss
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be, forever baby
I'll remember you
I'll promise you I won't forget
The times we shared the tears we cried
You'll always be the sun in my sky
It may be fate that brings us back to meet again someday

Even though we go separate ways
You made me believe that I could do almost anything
You stood right by me through the tears through everything

I'll remember you
And baby that's forever true
You're the one I'll always miss
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be,forever baby
I'll remember you

If the day should come when you need someone
You know that I'll follow,I will be there

Don't ever let there be a doubt in your mind
Cause I'll remember you

I'll remember you
And baby that's forever true
You're the one I'll always miss
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be,forever baby
I'll remember you
Forever baby I'll remember you

Saturday, August 29, 2009

the gangs

sticky triplet

pav ladies- always our favourite XD

suddenly so adore with the fountain

A day out. tag along with abby & wenise for their primary school gathering. kinda awkward at first, but whaoo they're damn funny. laughing deadly although its not my stories. XD chilling at wong-kok for few hours just crapping and joking nonsense. shop around after then. wanna watch 'orphan' but the time was not matched TT hmmm, im now officially poor. poor lady i am. what to do, spending like no-one-business, especially in food. as the result- my fat big face!! seriouly so damn damn chubby, hate it **sigh

Sunday, August 23, 2009

done something really really really bad today. hahahas. abby+wenise+poney turn to be EVIL+DEVIL+DEVILISH. syok nia!! 'try harder' girls ( addicted) and we even 'sacrificed' our revison time for it. LMAO heart still beating fast for the excitement
okay, come back **inhale, exhale..**
planned to do some revison in col library tomorrow. seriously cant concentrate at home.
friday going to wenise house again? huh?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a day

Let me take a deep breath before i start.okay, first col sports day.yes, im still in piece but with hurts.the 'torturing activities'-jungle tracking (yeap no doubt, tarc is huge enough to having jungle inside for u to track) we miss the way for a few times, walking round and round inside+stepped 'mosquito hive' every single step u walk.after 40+min i think if not mistaken, we managed to came out n go for the next station.after one another, rainfalls and we guys run up n down on a 'lil hill' under the wind,rain for 10 word-EXHAUSTED
Next, 'daringly' drive to wenise house without recognize the way. yea, of cause she sat beside me to direct the way when going, but back?? hmm hmm~tell u next. okay, did some revision there and headed 'gei dak sek' for dinner.

highly recommended-mango ice
And now the story began,i drove back from kepong with abby. we are actually back with a 'words map' written by wenise. the lil paper was our only guide==we miss a turn and that lead us to genting+kuantan highway, tol station was just infront us!!! luckily..luckily..abby quick enough to ask me turn the other way, if not im now on the way to genting?? and with road signs and wenise guide in the phone,lastly we escape from the 'genting' and reached home SAFELY.
ARRGGGHH!! really scares me. duh, i admit, im damn darn idiot in direction. XD
thats all, a torturing, tiring, frightening and blessing day. god bless me

Friday, August 21, 2009

hmmm.. nothing much, just feel like bugging here.took my nap for almost 3 hours + just now yet im now to final almost arrive-sem1 almost ended-holidays coming-sem 2 started ( i bet i mentioned it a number of times)cant believe everything happened so darn fast 'phew~~' time passed just like that without giving u notice and seems i was just settled myself down with all those col stuffs
duh, time ticking....tick tick tick perhaps done something that will make u satisfied is a good choice for leaving ur foot-print behind? so yea, im so into drama series now. watching one episod, one season , one series after another woo~ at least i done the so called 'SOMETHING'
sports day tomorrow kinda hmmm,indescribable feelings (none maybe...) donno what will exactly running tomorrow. seriously 'torture' by mr ng tomorrow?? nah, told u when im still in piece after tomorrow..hahas okay, continue my drama, ciao

i miss those days, when im smiling truly from the heart

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ipoh trip

left my foot-step at temples,waterfall,'ipoh tauge chicken mee'....
nothing much. oh ya, we went around kampar too, its really a small small town. degree courses there?? (omg..) i hate my hair colour again. ya, again and again. it wouldn't be nice forever **sigh
mayb i just need to dye it black to survive 'the part', its the only way..... ..... ..... .....duh, wait till i cant even stared my hair in the mirror for another one second, thats the time for me to figure out some way to rescue it XD

my precious of the day^^

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time : 5.08pm
Day : Friday
Weather : Terrible HOTTTTTT!! and its raining now(updated at 5.17pm) ><
Status : Just back from college, starving badly TT
Activities of the Day : Scholarship Presentation Ceremony-ME tutorial-Lunch-HE tutorial-HE lecturer-Home
Wish of the Day : Stop getting chubby for my face!! super uglyTT **fatty-bum-bum

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hang out with abby and wenise to pavilion
hmm.. im tired now
serious lack of energy and the passion to revision
i know, final is coming so so soon..
but what cherish me is the holiday after final XDDD
seriously time passing so fast,
im going to end my sem 1 and continue my sem 2
and i promise i will take it seriously for my coursework for the next sem
it is really that IMPORTANT (just realize..)
and no idea y my face is getting chubbier like nobody business **sigh
sunday will join a trip to ipoh with mum
gonna ciao, sleep needed X)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Col is having an event organise by the hotel management course if not mistaken. Games, Competitons, Food stall, Drinks stall, Nail manicure and so on are parts of the event. Kinda cool though!! And there is something that attracted me, the WATERBALL

Photo taken when im having lunch at the cafe

The waterball.. and there are 2 much more bigger 'ball' on the field


Sunday, August 9, 2009

still awake in such a midnight, who cares, its saturday night! 'gossip girl'-ing for my hell whole day and guess what? 1 episod left for season 2.. wuhoo~ spotted the pic above? isnt's it cute? nice perfectly lil cupcakes =) seems so tastable. perhaps ordinary cakes change to be cupcakes for my next birthday? hoho ** dreaming.. back to my gossip girl world and thats all, bye
**oh ya, this is the website for the cupcakes, in case u need some order XD

Thursday, August 6, 2009

no classes today and yup i suppose to complete my exercise, done my revison but ended up lying watching gossip girl's series from season 1 to 2, settle my lunch with maggie and treated myself some ice-cream.. ewww!! gonna kill myself -.- iamstupididiotfreakinglazy, no cure.. been noticed that we need to wear black for tomorrow classes, wonder why @@ oppss, mummy back with dinner ^^ ciao

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

final is around for another 3 weeks!!
isshh~ seriously shattered my nerves up
especially those cgpa thingy
need to hand up an narrative essay by tomorrow
but still blank with just an opening ' when i entered the room....'
gotta ciao duh **sigh

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, 2nd August

Attended my formal club- krs's farewell in the early morning. yeap, just a word, good job guys..
and headed to klcc with abby, nelson and his sis AGAIN for the pc fair then. abby managed to bought her new lappie. hoho, happy girl. we are almost fainted inside the pc fair, super duper crowded with people, packing packing with each other and burgers were processing everywhere.. im truly exhausted after it and drop into sleep status after my dinner.. XD


Monday, 3rd August

The gym day. back with hurts and wounds on the hands and legs. we are all suffering with those pains of muscles and hurts. get through it guys! =) cafe,jusco, old town after then. abby really appetite with some kind of reason XDD chill at their house and sent abby to col and and im now at home.. so yea, as usual nap needed after this.. ^^

Saturday, August 1, 2009

playing with my webcam before i depart from my house

sleeping while driving? **box

DO'S in klcc

-sushi king

-pc fair

-as usual chill at starbucks

-back. dinner at cola club

greedy betul @@ drinking one holding one XD

bought a pendrive and a car's mp3 with a super duper low price
(hahas.. not that super duper larr)
going back to secon. school tomorrow
for my formal's club farewell
hmm.. thats all.. bye