Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice In Wonderland
Catch up a movie last sunday. The Alice In Wonderland, its actually a highly recommended movie by this two kids, they were describing the smiling cat, the twins, the red queen to me and even the funny scenes. Thumbs up for this movie (Y)(Y) btw. The every single character in this movie really impress everyone.

LOLS, i was actually quite curious, how these kids can understand the storyline even they don understand the dialogue. and this make me recall back when i were just a kids, Lion King was once my favourite cartoon (i had watch it like thousand of times), i bet i don even know what's they're trying to say those times but i seriously can understand the story. so, thats what special about cartoon? 

Toy Story 3-coming soon. Showing on June2010
So Toy Story's fans out there, cheer-out-loud

There's few real size formula 1 race car exhibiting in pavilion.
there's f1 race happening soon?

Did anyone check out for the Wangsa Walk TGV? 
when it is going to open?

Add on: Done all the three reports for this sem, so whats waiting us now are presentation, test and lastly final. Usshh Usshh!!!

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