Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Babies Part 1
A steamboat celebration on 16/3 night to celebrate SuLing birthday and ChoonYiap advance birthday. Steamboat is always a LOVE for me. Having fun (Y)

 Happy birthday ms SuLing =D

Porridge Steamboat makes YUM!

But still tomyam is the Best =)

Dai Louss of the group
Kelly, Nick, Dream 

please LOL for this X)
note: this was not a 'before' and 'after' mess but a comparison of left sides and right sides of our table

March Babies Part 2
It became our traditions to have a monthly birthday celebration for babies of the month.

So babies for March?
Here we go- Suling, YuWei and ChoonYiap

Hap Hap Happy 19th Birthday

 Awww~ Nice photo from our suling

 Caption: I don need lighter to light up the candles
I have Magic, mani mani hom! Candles light up! X)
From left we have Ah Chee, Willy and YuWei =)

For sure, a group photo for last

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