Monday, July 6, 2009

5th JULY 2009
ya.. wow is only the word i can speak out now
crazy day today.. we rock'ed today
i LOVE tt night in col
and im seriously lost my voice==
for shouting and cheering like crazy in the party
okay.. back to the topic
super duper 'singk' session in the morning

oh! hamtaro i am TT

me with red mic 'shower cap'

wenise with yellow mic 'shower cap'

abby with green 'shower cap'


we chill at secret recipe after than

yum yum yummy..
but i hate cheese cakes
they knew it XDD

thats all for the noon
we are heading to tt night in the night **yea
tt night will be continue in next post
tons of photo we had actually taken @@

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