Monday, July 20, 2009

my line is freaking slow, i need my drama plss..
should i dye my hair once again? should i?? **wondering
super-duper-hatred-test+role play+presentation on next week @@
but im still 'relaxing' in action ** impress XD

jusco day this thursday~yuhoo
officially stop my job after next weekend~ yuhoo x2
so damn lotsa mosquito now ==
putt putt putt............
whats wrong with my facebook?? TT
"im just a little girl lost in the moment,im so scared but i don show it out~~~~" ** THE SHOW-ing ^^
i wish..............
i love simply chilling *wink
money money come, $$$$$$$
whenever im blogging, it means by im too lazy to stuck myself in anything else,except by crapping.. hohohoho''

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