Wednesday, July 29, 2009

didn online for a couple days, not sure wats the hack problem of my maxis broadband. and now im using my bro's one while he is off from home. XD oh gosh, im truly mad just now. went for lunch at mcd with wenise just now for the sake of the promotion(lunch time rm5.95) but yet we did not pay for the promotion price. after our order, we just realize that it was just 11.45am as the promotion is for 12-3pm == im kinda frustrated at the moment and even worst when i heard the next counter's cashier did actually remind them bout the promotion in another 10 min more. duh, whatever.. date with them on sat for the pc fair and movie-the proposal. ^^ hmm.. didn saw abby for a few days and yet i face wenise almost everyday,hahas, miss u nahXD going to continue for my presentation preparation.. life is now surrounding with this kind of stuff, merry-go-round for coursework, presentation, assignment and so on..... so yea, gotta go. bye

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