Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just feeling to post up this photo
taken by yunni, credits for her **clapss
somehow, i taken the same pose's photo of her as well XD
hmm.. okay, should i crap about my daily routine?
we hang out in 4 season today, with my 2 dearest
ntg special, ntg special, as usual gossip gossip 'merry-go-round' =X
tomorrow going to workout in gym ^^
oh ya! OO night will be held on this sunday.
since im having fun throughout the last tt night
and abby is having extra tickets,
so im now wondering to join her or not?
**going? not going? GOING? NOT GOING? **
lol, i actually knew the ans, im working on sun!! arrgghHH!!
delight me with your smile

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