Friday, July 31, 2009

presentation day



bms test - CHECK
me test - CHECK
he presentation - CHECK
role play - next wed but it's fine ^^
me assignment - going to start..

all stuff happening in one day almost pulling me away
and yet something happened almost stopped my heart-beat
i have no idea y my phone's time is late exactly an HOUR from usual time
so u know what? im setting my alarm at 6.45am as my class is on 8
and im waking up at 7.45am when the alarm ringing.. hell**
and and and im having the bms test on 8!!
after the rushing rushing scene,
i managed to reached col with only 5 min late, the test was just started
thanks god..

put away all sorts of pressure,stress for now
and now is the time for relaxing.. hoho
a bigger one will start all over again when my final exam..XD

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