Tuesday, July 14, 2009

okay, lets talk about today. when i was still having my nice sweet dream, wenise wake me up for breakfast. and the worst thing is she reach my house least than 5 min after the call@@ seriously make me so darn 'gan jeong' when im preparing while she's waiting downstairs TT **box her box her. and the thing that make me couldn't breath, coursework test is starting AGAIN for another 1 more week!!! what?! seems lik im just had my previous test in last week @@ omg omg omg, everyone was desperate. kill me bah.. XD oh another thing, i was chatting with wenise about kampar today. imagining our life in kampar if we're moving there for our degree. we couldnt imagine the life in kampar, mayb no mall, then we'll wondering everyday in kedai runcit, perhaps 7-11.hahass.. psycho us. i'll stop my work after this month, totally exhausted and im not going to torture myself so much=) seems like i love to bugging once in a while, blogging out all stupid thingy. gonna complete my accounts later on, i cant continue to be so damn lazy. NONONO. **test will be one more week after**test will be one more week after**mumbling mumbling but still doing nothing == action plz neo wei nee.. haha.. knock off, tatas~

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