Monday, July 6, 2009

yeap.. tt night rockz on!!
nothing much to write on+im lazy
read by photos ba XDDD

first arrived...



BIG head of us

..more and more cam whoring

my dear yiyi

my dear abby




okay, after we actually entered the hall
and the show will only officially starts on 6
we are totally starving due to we just ate a slice of cake for the whole day==
so we 'slip' to desa for our dinner XDD

we eating like hungry monster with the formal wear @@
and we're acting silly with my black rose ring while waiting ling XD

my version-no idea what theme

yiyi's version-sexy

pui's version-beauty

after than, we headed back to col
and we're actually slightly late
but doesnt matter
we still enjoy, and maybe too enjoy? @@
hahahaha..we're all crazy inside
but theres another group crazier than us
i just keep laughing of their crazy act
but abby ask funny meh? she actually felt weird of the girls that act like memang crazy XD

thumbs up for every finalist
especially carmen-the winner of solo and overall winner
**claps clapsssss

after the show, cam woaring again

the sweetiest ling



poney.sun sun

..and us with the CLOWN!!

finally in the house..

no idea y, i simply love this pic

thats all...
and again tt night ROCKSSS!!

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