Monday, January 18, 2010

Starbucks is Love

Its Sunday today, a beautiful sunday but unfortunately we have to drag our body,our soul to library. Why? Simply because home is full of distraction, u know, we just cant get our eyes off from laptop and even tv. So yea, you will found us in library almost everyday from morning till evening for exam periods.When it's not final, there is just a place for us to enjoy-the-cooling system-avoid-from-the-sun, well, FYI library is always freezing even though the world outside sun is shining, human is sweating.

So we headed lunch at Mcd in the afternoon and Star-some-bucks after mcd. We almost vomiting after the choc beverage, our stomach are over-loaded!! haha.. oh ya, just notice today that you will get a 10% discount for starbucks at jusco if you're a j-card member, cool yorr~ wuhooo!!! lols..

Haha, spotted abby ang covered by a 'Be Mine Love'. I managed to capture her with a superb funny expression. So for good sake, im not going to show it out, muahahahaha~~

Talking about finals, im still having 3 subjects to go and afterthat of course **cheng cheng cheng.. sem break till cny !!!! holy mama, its HOLIDAYSSSS,wuhoo

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