Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With a blink of eyes, After suffering for the final, here we come to the end of Sem2. Hooray?? of course we need to cheer for couple of reasons:
1st, The holy mama Sem Break
2nd, The holy papa CNY, lols 

3nd, The holy son Sem 3 is a short-sem =)
4th, The holy daughter outing plansss

Its only the first day im staying at home (okay, i did went out on the afternoon) but i feel like rotting. duh, its too BORING!

The Days After Final 1
We went Red Box Plus for karaoke session yesterday cause we're craving for it since...before the final? Btw, its quite worth it if you ask for my comment. They served better buffet, longer karaoke duration for like 4 hrs, nice environment and of course better service for welcoming you. Yea, why i mentioned welcoming, cause when you finish and pay for the bills they dont even bother to thank you, lols.

This is the portion of buffet we took, is not really that much but we still didn manage to finish it.
Hey, we're here to sing, who cares about food (excuses.. =X )

The little piece of choc cake and lamb steak is good

We shot a video of "Tutorial for Wearing Mic 'Cap'-by Wenise" =D

I like this photo of them

Don doubt, this is our style of karaoke.
We don even bother to sit still on the couch but standing and sit On Top of it.
We act crazy, hey yo cctv, you caught us XDD

Do you smell cny? Apparently pavilion did.
Watch out for their glamorous cny decoration.
They always putting hard effort on these kind of decoration, thumbs up!!

More to go, muahahaha, ciao

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