Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food Paradise
Wenise ng treated us pizza hut today,wuhooo~ Same pizza Same spaghetti for the second time within 2 week? Gosh, we are not crazy, of course we having reason for it =X 3 pax for 3 person this time, but it seems like more than enough for us, lols, applause for us to manage sapu 4 pax for 3 person the time before *thanks thanks  But of course i still prefer Domino's, next time lets order some delivery, nono to pizza hut anymore =)

ngekngek, abby ang LOVES to take funny pictures these days. So im not gonna be so nice to u, deng deng deng deng, im gonna reveal your stupid pic NOW!!! but im still kind, cause this is still the minor one =X

Please someone send this girl to some sort of acting class, SHE IS GOOD IN IT!!!!

Went wangsa walk after then. Abby having stuff to do there, so while waiting the time to pass, we hang around in popular ( hoho, we are so banyak banyak membaca ya XD ) We found a book about palmistry and guess what, we straightly sit down on the floor, holding one book each, start to discuss, laughing lik nobody business, this is always our way.

Recently, thats a 'prank sms' incident happened to us. Basically, its a person that claims that he/she is one of our friends. Then, he/she ask to meet blabla and most ridiculous part he/she ask for credit top up for emergency used. Lies-Flies around, hey to you, you are not good in lying, way to improve. Its happened to me once few months ago, and now turn to be Wenise and Abby. A long long story and i won details in here. Lols, we bet that this is not some random unknown person, he/she is someone we knew, cause he/she really know us well. Btw, its immature to act like this, and please larr whats your purpose? Life is too dull? To fool around? Or 'surprise' for us? Please spend your 'precious' time on something that will benefit you, perhaps moral classes?

Love Poney

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