Monday, January 25, 2010

 We Love Food

First and foremost, muahahaa, im proudly to announce that we are free after tomorrow!!!! Freely flying without wings. Oh yea, tomorrow will be our last paper which is accounts paper and its holiday Holiday HOLIDAY after that! Forgive me for being over excited, but it just like some kind of feelings like birds released from their cage, car with fully pumped petrol, boyfriends escaped from their girls XDDD okay okay, maybe its slightly early to say that, but who cares? Im having plansss, I Smell Holiday =)

As im saying its like birds released from their cage, which means im going to release from my cage as well. what else if not the 'precious' library. Yea, abby told me just then that we 'stucked' in library for almost 3 weeks and i was like "Wow~~".

Again, we drag ourselves there today.Is time for lunch, and i said: Lets go subway~ muahaha,and there we go

Perhaps 6-inchs is not that long huh

Steak with cheese (sounds something like that)
But the mustard and cheese really make Yummy!

A Serious Woman is Always That Attractive

We have this choc chip cookies
And i was like: Im gonna bake some cookies one day. BOO!!

This little cookie lying inside makes me thought of

Abby Ang, this is Cookie Monster!! XD
C is for COOKIE 

And here we go,ciao~

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