Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Eve before 2010
Having a simple celebration with the same christmas gang again. Overnight at llm uncle's house. After steak around 11ish, we rush to the house for catching up the fireworks, we having a great view of it, get to enjoy several spots of fireworks in kl at once, wuhoo~ beer'ing session after then, its seem like having a little theater at home, watched movie with superb comfortable sofa bed and dark environment, lolx. I dropped after  a couple cans of beer, sleep straight after to avoid stupid action to be done,hahas.

did u guys catch up the so called blue moon that night?

oh ya,before that, im having an lil accident just before the new yr eve night. to start the story, it was happened when me and abby went to night market. im looking for a parking, and unpredictably we found one which is very near to the night market. "whoa, we're lucky today!!" i said. and just after then, when im reversing slowly to adjust my car, i bang a waja which stop behind me. luckily its just few minor scratch on the waja bumper, and lastly we settled it at bengkel by paying hundred and twenty bucks for him to repaint the bumper. ishhh, what a new year eve *or maybe this indicates that bads will left on 09, and brings goods to me on 10? ngekngekngek.okay, lets continue the title, the guys playing around.

after lunch the next day, we off back to home. so yea, lets restart our life on the very 1st january of 2010.
add-on: Final is here not more that 2 weeks time, useless to omg for now, should dump in my soul in studies. Lets have a date in library XD

Happy new year again!!
Love poney 

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