Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We are craving for fast food lately. Mcd for abby and kfc for me yesterday, and today wenise is seeking for pizza hut!!! and of course, for no second doubt, we headed to pizza hut after class. wuhooo~ seems we need something to energize us whenever it comes to the study-revision-non-stop-moment huh? and you know what? we are 3 in total but we ordered 4 pax, those included 3 single pizza, 1 spaghetti, 2 garlic bread, 4 mushroom soups, 4 drinks. oh gosh, a woolala party before final exam? we stuff in like never-eat-any-single-thing-for-3-days but eventually we gave up and lying like a dead golden fish,lols. what u expect, we are just 3 lil tiny girls with lil mini stomach, hahahha, OMGosh =X 

wenise, what u gonna do with the spaghetti?

poor little thing that safe from lying in our stomach but rubbish bin instead?

-the end of the story-

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