Thursday, April 15, 2010

Randomness of April

April Choice of Food: Big Apple
This used to be jiaya's favorite, but she had influenced us. We are now craving for it most of the time, even it the lecture class. So here comes our Big Apple Master Piece, this is what we call 望梅止渴

April Choice of Entertainment: Karaoke&Movie

Don ask me how many times i went for karaoke this 2 months,we-are-crazy!! LOL

Catch up "how to train your dragon" with gangs last friday. Definitely getting a thumbs up from me. Actually dragon was kinda cute? LOL More awesome movies to catch up, but not before my finals *sigh

April Craziness:Birthday!!!
Wao, seriously, quite a number of friend's birthday drop on April. so? celebrations, cakes tak habis-habis X) LOL i-cant-even-count-how-many-cakes-that-we-actually-ate-for-this-two-months

April Busy-ness:FINALS
 Bad (N) I hate finals, no, we all hate finals!!

..and lastly April Special!!!!

EHEM,EHEM,EHEM, muahahahahaha!!!! its mua birthday X)

 I Heart April, LOL


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