Friday, April 2, 2010

 Young Mummies
-I saw a friend of mine today with a little baby girl in her arm and a guy following her which probably is her husband. She's one year younger than me.-
-I heard couple of news about few young girls were pregnant.-
-I saw photos of my old friend with her baby in facebook.-
-I read blog by young blogger saying that they're bringing baby to the world soon.-
They are young mummies gonna be =)

Obviously is a mistake that brings the baby. They could choose for abortion, but they're not giving up, they give these babies a chance to come to the world. To be true, one part of me, i respect them. I bet its the hardest choice ever to decide, its the hardest time ever to go through, it required the biggest braveness to make the decision. The day they decided to bring this baby to the world is the day their life started to change. All the best to them =)

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