Friday, April 30, 2010

The Birth-Day 2!
Okay, its actually two days after my birthday but you know what,surprise still to be revealed.

A random date, we planned to go for ice-skating@sunway. Its been a long time we went for ice-skating, the last time was 2 years ago, yes! we have counted it, its exactly 2 years ago =X

The morning, they came to my house. 'Ding Dong', guess what? Wenise was holding a handmade choc cake, i was like Wao! and when i turn to the other side, abby was holding something pink, its dkny Be Delicious. Wao Wao again! I love you two!!

I insisted to put candle on the cake X) Without those birthday candles, i put the candle that we actually used to play.

This was the second handmade birthday cake i get from her. The first one was when my 17th birthday, woolala~

I wanted this for so long ROAR

You can see how happy am i XD lol im so good in acting

After all the surprises, here we depart to sunway. Met the ms shelby and had our brunch at one random korean restaurant.
And i menghabiskan two portion of rice (Y) Slurrrpppp

Here we go ice-skating!!!

 Don ask us pk how many times lol =X

We keep playing with wenise new cool cam (Y) Came out this lol picture,hahaah

Credit to mr kkg for his recommendation. We had our steamboat buffet @ summer.

Kesian ini ms shelby, we keep bullying and teasing her 'kampung' LOL but she seems having lots of fun also huh? XDD

Nom Nom Nom~ Durian, vanilla and honeydew ice cream is love. but too bad abby hates the every 3 ice cream flavor i took, tsk tsk tsk

We all blurrrpp after stuffing all the food in. This is what buffet meant for right? Eat till you want to vomit. 


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