Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday celebration for dec and jan babies,yea, this monthly celebration kind of thing gonna be a tradition for our group XD. so there they are, ethan,ah chai&miko.

birth girl-miko&ah chai

ethan chan

but of course, this birthday celebration will not end in a peaceful way. we actually planned something evil, since its christmas around, we are having Snow Flakes Spray!!!! *evil grin. and the victims of this Snow Flakes War? who else if not birthday batch!! XP we managed to transform ethan chan to snowman chan.

we are acting normal. Trick: lets take a group photo =)

notice what we doing behind?? passing spray can, preparing, devil-ing XD

and next please use your imagination,
we don hav photo for it, only videos
ethan become the so called snowman eventuallyX)

Happy Birthday to you guys
hope ya having fun

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