Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's cloudy out there, she just came back from college and she feel like blogging. 09 gonna passed in less than 45 hours. Changes happened within this year,like,changesssssss. This year elapsed with style " phewing way~", she said. She will never forget every little details that happened this year. It's been a painful moment, she will cure the hurt, no, the hurt had recovered without scar. And not to forget those lovely moment, she still love her family and friends the most. She love her 18, thats what's in her mind now. Bye09** Resolution for new year? She wants to be a better person

Blue moon, is a magical moment that appeared a second full moon in a calender month. This new year's eve gonna brings the rarest blue moon of all. Yea, its thurday, tomorrow night. Why to say is rare, is because its only happen once right on the new year's eve every 20 years. So, when you are enjoying celebrate the coming new year, dont forget to take a look at the moon, savour the beautiful moment of the full moon and fireworks. Happy 2010**

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