Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thurs,17 Dec
Went pavilion with girls just to catch up the amaze snowing moment that happening at there at 8pm till 26 dec. It was quite breath taking for me (for just lik 5 second), haha, don boo me, i know the so called snow is just some kind of soap bubble, but for me tat living in msia tat summer the whole year, when the snow flying down from the pavilion roof, i was like"wao, snowing~~~~" duh, please imagine.. haha. and of cause we do shopping as well, girls always girls =) spent quite a lot but i will it earn back *ngek ngek, evil grins. met the funniest kit yee and mun ching there as well, hav lunch with them. oh ya, that was a funny scenario, at one moment abby actually mumbling something which she purposely don say it clearly, and she was saying the sentence for bout lik 3 time. den she say use 'xin dian gan ying'(heart connection) to connect what she is saying. wenise and i was like this girl is so annoyed, and suddenly i poop up something in my mind and ans her sentence:lets go starbuck? abby knock her head and i was lik shouted so loud and keep omg-ing, haha, i was actually so shock that 'xin dian gan ying' this thingy actually exist, duh, mayb u will not get what im actually talking bout. haha, so yea, lets continue the post with pichasssss..

lunch at Kim Gary

Spotted two funny girls

there they are: munching and kityee

wenise: mao kang sei ngo?? XD

chopped off my hair, wonder to cut it shorter ^^

Snowing in Msia!!

wuhoo~~ pavi rockkkssss

spotted muscular guy *ngek ngek

ahem, coach for my christmas present? muahaha!!

my dear wenise was mia(missing in action) because she was moody that time
thats all, ciao

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