Friday, December 25, 2009

Is All about Christmas 2
24 Dec, Christmas Eve. A sudden decision, went 1u in the afternoon with abby. and of cause a road blind wont reach there safely without a baby gadget-gps. haha, once again, gps rockkksss.

We went dragon-i for lunch then, it should consider as brunch XD

our first choice of dragon-i, slurrp slurppp

After some shopping, we decided to went back to wangsa walk for bowling in the evening..

To kill our boredom for waiting the next late night bbq session, we chill at teh tarik place

Bbq at alex place with guys till late midnight, oww its fun..X) reach home around 3something in the morning, having a great christmas eve with u guys

abby blurred look after beer XDD

for last, merry christmas to everyone

love, poney

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