Sunday, September 26, 2010

We called it friends when we shared the same interest, we have fun, we enjoy when we are together.

We called it soul mate when you know there's always someone there to fulfill your wishes with you.

We called it close friend when you know she will be okay with almost anything you ask for. 

So you know things will go splendid around them. 
And Red box plus is an ideal place when you need to sing and even shout! 
Dont missed their chocolate cake cause its awesome =)

Chatime is been very well-known lately.
Before was snowflakes, and now is Chatime.
I guess it's just because they came from Japan.

Pearl Milktea for me and abby, Pearl Passion for shelby
Unfortunately abby dont like the milktea, but its fine for me
They prefer the passion blend, too bad its too sour for me
For sure i would say the pearl is chewy!
it actually rhymes, i wee~!

Ah yes,another great day for the hoholidae!

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