Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is still the first week of college, to be practical is the third day. Everything is still fine for now since we will only need to attend lectures for the first week, so was still quite free at the moment. Even too free for us to start planning vacation for sem break,yes the coming sem break in 3 months more. LOL HAHA DIE. -.-

Okay this is still post about last sem break, its Mid-Autumn Festival! I missed playing candles, holding lanterns. So here we join shel to jimmy place for a mini celebration. For not knowing anyone there, i thought it will be awkward but somehow we manage to have fun. Nice to meet you guys there yo! =)

I know all you see is only lanterns but i likey this picture. 

Everyone =)

Abby Ang

Shelby Goh

The lantern was so mini but easy to burn lor lol

Oh!!! Look at there! *nah, they were just acting haha!

I still rmb i used to play with these, its been years.

Once again thanks jimmy for organizing this, we had fun seriously! 

That's not all about it! We had another celebration at alex's the next day ROAR

What's special about this in llm's place is we have these......!!!

Awwww, dont you miss these? The dragon, the butterfly, the fishie!

 Hou Hou Wan Lorrr! :D

Ngekngek, very nais lantern isnt it? But we gone wild sometimes.


I Lurp♥ Mid-Autumn 

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