Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hoholidae Back To Kl Day 4

Bad news first, college is going to reopen on Monday. Semester 5 is coming very soon. 3 weeks of holiday seems to be too short for me, if there's one more week extra, make it one month for holiday, it would be perfect!  But nvm, at least im having fun in this holiday =D

The day 4, after checking out from resort, here we start our journey back to kl.

After around 2 hours drive, finally we reach kl. Had our lunch at Kepong.

This was so nom! Salted egg crab!

You see, everyone is enjoying!

And awww i love the soup =)

Check out the after mess. Everyone was so burp! 

Credited to my little saga for the whole trip. A new born 2 months old baby! I love you although will need to bear the monthly installment and petrol which kills me sometimes. Please be good cause we need you to travel us to more places! Btw it was my first time driving such a long journey, thank god everything was fine =) 

Lastly a group pic taken at jiaya's little big crib haha!

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