Thursday, September 30, 2010

It was the next day after celebration at alex's place, should be next few hours to be accurate. Slept at abby's house for around 3 hours, woke at 3 something, prepare and everything then there we went for mcdonalds breakfast. Thought we were the only few but you can actually find people chilling at mcd at this hour, guess kl people never like to sleep huh?

 Coffe and Tea is a must to wake us up, and pancake is always a Love for me

Everything was so quiet, you can rarely find cars on the road, was still better on the highways but when we reach jalan broga, god, the road was so dark, maybe sometimes there's one or two car passing by but ehem its quite creepy for me. Oh forgot to tell, we are going broga hills! 

Reach there around 5 plus in the morning. Everywhere was so dark, seriously DARK! no light, no people nothing. Actually its the perfect time to start climbing so the sun is about to rise when you reached the peak. But we chose to wait in the car for the sky to get brighter, fyi none of us climbed before so we dare not to go in cause you must pass through a palm estate before the hill, and its very very Dark seriously. lol luckily there's two cars came around 6 with a group of teenagers, so we asked to join and woohoo there we go up to the hills! 

 Thank god there's someone leading us up, there's no way for a first timer to hike in the dark. This was the first peak if not mistaken, sky was getting brighter when we reached the first peak. =) The view was fascinating.  

Wear a suitable non slippery shoes then you will be okay on climbing. All you need is stamina, hahaha. this was a good exercise for us who dont even bother to exercise during the normal days. =X

Second peak. Two more peaks to go! But actually we skipped the last peak, considered climbing up is okay climbing down is the matter as the last peak was quite a slope.

 Finally we reached to the third peak, again the view was breath-taking. 

Oh Oh! This was probably the healthiest activity i have done in this year :D

Nice yo shel!

 Crime partners! XD

Guess what? Lil monster climb with us! lol and everyone loves him XDD

 And ini si shel almost drop my monster lok san, still can laugh dekat sana ROAR 

 Like banyak syok je haha!

 Another jumpshot collection! 

 Say Yeah! 

 Walking down the hill is even more challenging than hiking up. You will need to be every caution on every step.

 Look at her, still can take photos when we were all climbing down cautiously -.- 

 Buah Buai!! Definitely a second time!


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