Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hoholidae Melacca Day2

We had a great sleep after the crazy night. Woke up early in the morning to get some breakfast before the long journey to melacca.

Say bye to the five of them, Say bye to the beach, here we depart to Melacca A'famosa

Thanks to the gps, our journey to melacca was like a road trip to me. We skipped highways, We skipped tols, We drive through the so-called small route.

You see, there's even cows passing by. We were like: Oh wow, cows!! lol and stopped for few mins to take pics. haha! its okay cause u can rarely see cars on the road. 

And here we reached A'famosa! Went in Safari for our first pit stop. 

Safari as you can see is all about animals. but if to be compared with Zoo negara, i preferred Zoo negara lol. We missed the animal show and im quite disappointed for not getting to pet the rabbits and lil chicks cause i thought we can :(

The only special about this safari is we get to ride on a cage look alike van and go in to the wild animal area. What is fun about it is not the wild animal but the roller coaster speed of the vehicle as the tigers and lions inside are too lazy to bother you.  

And of course must not miss the Cowboy Town at night.

The highlight of Cowboy Town is the Cowboy Show. The show was great. We're having great fun inside. 

People always wao for fireworks!

Finally a supper to end the tiring day : )

Next will be Day 3 at Melacca Town.
Once again photo credited to ning, jas and wenise. Stay Tuned!