Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hoholidae PD Day1

Like i said, its our sem break now so cheer hooray for 4d3n trip to port dickson and melacca! The last time i went pd was like 2 yrs ago, but everything was still so clear in mind. I miss pd =) Its good to go back there with another 9 of them.

2 cars, 10 girls, BBQ Stuff, Junk Food, Sunshine, Shades, Laughters, thats what made the whole trip! 

It was so excited to look at the sea, to feel the sunshine, the waves beat, the strong wind. We had fun!

Bayu Beach Resort is where we stayed. A pent house with two floors and a big balcony just right for Barbecue. opppsss!  

Summer is always meant for Beach. Glad to escape from cities life, chaotic college timetable and everything to   
enjoy and loosen up. We need recharge!

Its time to soak in the beach! To get ourselves wet even the sea water is not that crystal clear as you can see, but it is way way BETTER compared to the public beach, at least it is still blue in colour lol.

We love each other yo! 

These are group of the nicest photo. Sunlight is always the best natural lightning for photo.

And when the sun set, we prepared ourselves for the activity of the day, Barbecue!

Due to the rain dripping non stop at night, we have to stick to our barbecue plan at our resort's balcony at second floor which is prohibited i think =X but nvm, as long as we are not disturbing others and clean the mess after it, that should be cool. =)

and when they are having fun upstairs, birthday surprise plan was going on downstairs.

It was wenise birthday, and the boyf surprise her by appearing with a handmade cake.

Ms wenise should be super touch deep inside by seeing the boyf all the way from kl just to surprise her.

So Happy Birthday Ms Yiyi!!

Oh! Photo credited to ning, yi and jas =D
Stay tuned for the next few posts, the days in Melacca. Ciao! 

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