Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoholidae Melacca Day 3

So before the story about melacca, Aching! My whole body is aching, and predict to be worst tomorrow morning. =X Went for broga hiking this morning, yes! very morning, woke up 3+am and reached there around 5+am. The healthiest activity i have done since a long time, seriously. Details to be blog out in the next few post haha! 

Ah, yes, lets back to Melacca. Took around 45 mins drive down to Melacca town day 3 from A'famosa. 

This is basically all about food Food and also FOOD. Okay lar, i must to admit we love to eat. And oh rmb to do some research before you go, it will make things easier and of course you wont get disappointed for visiting a wrong restaurant. 

Based on the reviews, this is one of the two famous restaurants for chicken ball rice in Melacca. Seriously, there's lots of restaurants selling chicken ball rice, like one after every few steps you walk. lol, okay too exaggerating perhaps, so dont kena trap, not every restaurant do served nice chicken rice ball i assume.

Two thumbs up from me. Everything was just nice, aww and now i missed the rice ball.

Not sure how famous it is? Now look at the queue. We were lucky cause we were early, if not we have to queue like this, lol, neck also long lorrr

Jonker street is a must visit place when you reach Melacca Town. We were having fun exploring through it.

An egg-shape like flavored ice caught our attention. Perfect for the hot weather! haha, but its not that hot like usually do actually, thanks to the rain day before it. 

Dont get the ice thing stop. Here we go for cendol at Jonker 88.

Everything is so vintage inside! Me likey! 

Durian Cendol on your left! Me double likey! =D

Just a walking distance opposite Jonker Street, Its Christ Church Melaka.

Our photographer for the whole trip, ningning! 

And Ms Jiaya was so excited when she found toilet! Even took group of photos with public toilets everywhere she went.

Up to hill we go *ehem i forget the name* place

Went crazy inside! Captured lots of not-so-success jump shots =D

Nice one! I bery like it!

Walk further and here we reached the *ehem* muzium and we kinda sneak in for free =X

Off we went Dataran Pahlawan for....

THIS!!! The Mille Crepe! Is famous in Melacca according to ningning.

Look at it! Aww, Bery nice i tell you! And now you can get this in PJ too =D


Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang

Its my first time trying satay celup. Didnt get the chance to try cause i only visit Melacca during Chinese New Year and you know lar, who is going to open the shop during CNY kan?

Visited Menara Taming when the sky starts to turn dark to get the best night view in Melacca.

Crazy for self timer inside! Gone wild!

Went back Jonker Street in the night time 

And as usual we hunt foodssss!



Durian Cream Puff

And this is very famous is Melacca. People queue long queue for this. And i have waited 1 hour plus with my family before. Again we were lucky that we were early that day, people only coming after we finished.
Its 'O Jian', what they call in english? Oyster Fried?

They dont have sign board for their stall, its only a little stall located at medan makan bunga raya. But i tell you what, even gps remarks me by saying will need to wait up to 40 mins for the queue.


That ends our visit in Melacca Town, back to resort at A'famosa. We were still so energetic and did some crazy camwhore.

Okay, photos flooded for this post. Credited to 3 of them again XD For more photos please do refer to our facebook, imagine 13 albums in total accumulated from us,lol. Crazy i know haha! So yea, Ciao.

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