Saturday, May 29, 2010

Am still good with college currently, at least i had tuned off my holiday mood and suit myself in sooner this sem compared to the previous one =) Concentrating in lecture class but not daydreaming, and trying hard not to skip any lecture class which i used to skip it in the earlier sem, tsk tsk tsk. You know, lazy ppl 

oh! College is putting efforts in beautifying itself LOL Check out this mini garden in college. With pond and fishes somemore

but in the other hand, college canteen foods are getting Suck.

We went to the IBE @ KL Convention Center on tues after class. Its out of my expectation, so basically just manage to get some essence and mask there.

And before that we had a celebration for the May's babies- Hui Ni & Ah Chee at Pizza Huts. Have a blast girls!

This was the last day for tuition'ing these two kids. They presented me this, kids sometimes are still adorable in some ways. Im touched.

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