Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you believe its already the second year of my diploma, thats mean i have been mingle around in this college for like one year? This semester 4 will going to be a tough sem for us, a real challenge for this course. 3 out of 5 subjects is something related to account. yea, computing and calculating are about the matters. OMG!

Hoho, but there's one thing nice about this second year-I finally own one car sticker!! NO MORE saman from dbkl, NO MORE worrying to go early in order to get a parking space, NO MORE walking long distance.

I have been delaying my post. Im just lazy.

A random day in the previous holiday, we went out for food hunting lol.

Food hunted no.1
Mcd Breakfast
Oh Oh Oh Oh~ Finally right. I tell you, the hotcake really slurrpppp.

Food hunted no.2
Snow Flakes
This snow flakes is a 'hot' food these days. so in order to be a 'updated food hunter' and its not crowded that time, so we went for SNOWFLAKES!! erm erm, its not that delicious actually, kinda normal for me. Mayb what we ordered is not their specialties, i donno.

Food hunted no.3
Chocolate Lounge 

Shelby suggested we should try chocolate lounge, so here we go. Yum~ Feel good with choc!

-Chocolate Affair-A must try in chocolate lounge! The combination of fruits with choc really mouthwatering

 Love cold drinks? This is it, ordered by Shelby Goh

 Prefer Hot Chocolate? Ms Coco will do, ordered by Abby

 Craving for something cute n tiny? Little Jane it is!
Nice to see, nice to hold, but normal to drink, lol =X Taste like Papa Rich's milo dinosaur

Food hunted no.4
Bak Kut Teh
It's the best bak kut teh i had in kl, thumbs up. 
A perfect dinner to end the day.

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