Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mua Holidays

Happy Mother's Day
To avoid the pack-ness on the exact Mother's day which drop on this sunday, i brought my mom for brunch today as an advanced mother's day celebration. Since she'd never tried the xiu long bao, so here we went Dragon-i @ Pavillion. She flipped the menu here and there, and here i know what she was thinking, she was worrying about the price cause her girl need to pay for it, i knew it. So i ordered for her. Mummy, i have to write this out cause i don say it infront of you, and although you would never read it, but still pls know that I Love You, and I always do.


Everyone was talking about it in fb, IP man was great, IP man awesome and i even asked abby what's about IP man? something like IRON man? LMAO
Tag along abby and alex for the famous-amos movie of the month-IP man 2 at the newly opened TGV @ Wangsa walk. So here again, i told abby that i scared i might slept in the cinema cause i seriously not interested with this kung fu kind of movie. But since everyone was giving positive comment, so why not have a try? And what turns out? Definitely a great movie for me. I think we even clap at the end when ip man managed to box down the western boxer. errrrr, do we? X)


This was a random morning where i purposely wake up early in the morning, about 9? FYI, my body alarm for holidays is like around 1 something in the afternoon, so 9 in the morning was kinda tortured me Lol  So why early in the morning? Im craving for Mcd Breakfast! Im so excited prepared myself, prepared my appetite, met abby & alex, this and that ................................ and guess what?*cheng cheng cheng* weekend doesnt serve the breakfast promotion which rm4 per set and the normal price is double to the promotion price. zzz

Its-not-worth-it. So we changed plan, mamak replaced Mcd, Roti canai replaced Hot Pancake, Kuah replaced Butter and Honey, Milo Ice replaced Hot Coffee. Its-so-hard-for-me-to-wake-myself-up-in-another-pretty-morning. So we will see when to fulfill my Mcd Breakfast Crave. Perhaps when sem starts? =X

Nah, im not going to waste my whole morning like that for a breakfast. Muahahaha, we went for badminton! Yeah, EXERCISE which we only do it once in a blue moon. Okay, if mouth exercise is counted as exercise cause i think we talked more than we played. Went for lunch@Mcd since i dont get it for breakfast. Okay, enough for Mcd stuff, cause i kinda act like im their brand ambassador.


A photo that taken when we are chilling @ Happy Four Season one evening. Its totally a photo without editing, it happens when my flash and abby's cam flash clashed together.. Nice huh?

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