Thursday, February 18, 2010

When the clock strikes 12, the 18th of feb, here comes the 19th birthday of yours. The big day for you,

**ehem, prepare some tissues in case u tears before i continue this post XDD

Abienne/ Abby Ang, i still prefer abby actually. So what to start? 
"Happy birthday to you
 Hope you born in the zoo
 With the monkey and donkey
 Happy birthday to you"

Okay, your birthday dropped on the cny every year. So this year will be practically the first year we celebrate your birthday. I know you wishes this birthday celebration lots, so here you go, please enjoy or else i will kill you X). Though just few of us, but you know others are all wishing you.

Here comes the touching part, ngekngek. Thanks for being in my life ( okay, not like you are my bf or what. those words are more suitable for lover XD ) but thats what i mean. Its meaningful for me, to have you to share with. Joy, laughter, Tears, lols to be categories, its everything (almost larr,haha) So according to horoscope, aquarius(which is you) and taurus (which is me) never ever going along well. Some sort of incompatible. But we proved that they are not 100% in accuracy . Sometimes we do having different views and most of our thoughts are technically different, but we happened to cross over very well. Thanks for being understanding for my silent, my bad temper and and?? erm, besides that im good right?? ngekngek (perasan)

Tearing already? Make sure you are (nahh, i know u won) Wenise and you managed to pull me out from the sorrow moment, which u guys know what it is. You changed me from the lonely girl to hyper-active. You changed me from innocent to now dirty minded. You make me good girl gone bad!! Roar! We did evil things, We having devil spirit deep inside. So no one mess with us, especially you. You are my heroine, You are my superwomen!! (happy??) Errr, i suppose to make u tears 

Okay, excited to know whats for your birthday? Here's the clue. Take a good guess *ngekngek. Clue in words: It is very usable. Give me the answer tomorrow before i present you the gift. Correct ans will get a starbucks treat from me, woolala, serious game XD

Please take this post as one of your birthday present. It take me quite a time to finish it. Appreciate!! and the best thing you print out and frame it and hang it on the wall of your room to show your appreciativeness. Or you can have second choice, you put it as your laptop wallpaper XDDD 

Last word
Happy Birthday Again

Your sincerely
Poney Neo Wei Nee

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