Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Days After Final 8 @ Abby 19th
After the ehem 'touching' post for the birthday girl, here comes the day of the celebration. The planning was still going on the day before, from Friday to Full House and even genting, lols. Okay, this girl claim that she donwan to stand up high on the chair, sing out loud and give some speech ( TGI Friday always has this special activities for those birthday boy/girl, for me it sounds good cause its quite warm for the waiter/waitress to join us and lead the party to the top mood ), so we canceled Friday and lead to the last decision which is Full House. We will meet the girls all only in the evening at Full House so we planned to catch up a movie in the afternoon. Due to the FULLY BOOKED for every single movie of the cinema, at last we decided to karaoke at Neway. (Oh yea, again.)

Abby was like: Oh, this one is pretty!
Me: Sure la, without face is always pretty XDD

Singer of the Day- ranked by Abby

The Lovely Birds

Haha, she made this as well. This is what happened, the bill came really gave us a wow shocked. Like $200 for 5 of us? thats mean 40 per person but we were deal with the price around 26++ at first. Okay, so this is the thing, the N-U-T-S cost us for $44?? WTH. They (the waiters) claim that they told us earlier and its compulsory to pay for the nuts, but hey! None of us heard a single word of it, are we deaf?? And here's the other thing:
1st: The waitress which reconfirm with us that we may order a set lunch and a drink, she didn even mentioned anything bout nuts
2nd: They didn served any nuts during the karaoke session
3rd: We asking for the nuts after we noticed about it but they only served us 4 pax for 5 person and we only left bout 10 min for the karaoke duration. zzz You served the nuts only after we asked for it but u charged us 44 for the 4 little bowl of nuts? 

Screw Neway Services Seriously!

Dinner at Full House Cafe in the evening. With girls and guys.

The queen of the day: Abby 

The Long-Time-No-Meet: Teng

The B-Language Pro- Pit Ling

The B-language Learner- Me XD
( correction: it should be fast learner, special dedicated to abby)
( You know i know, hahaha)

The Driver of the Day: Alex

Time will heals : Amos

And of course the late birds couple: Engkian, Wenise XP

Thumbs up for their food. But still choices are limited. We should visit again next time in the noon, their lunch sets are more worth it and seems yummy =)

The night was still young, so gangs headed to Alex house for wine-winey session. We play cards, We watch movie, We play with the only doggy- romeo. Love to chill in this way,  human get tipsy.

Add on: Not willing to tell this, but college going to start on Monday.  From the start, we were like force ourselves to fight for finals. Then final ends, we need to suit ourselves into holiday mood. And now we used to holidays, we need to go back to college. Why life must be so hard? (im nagging again XD )

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