Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Days After Final 7 @ cny
The third day of the new year. I join my mom for a trip to Batu Pahat. Its not fun i tell you, with those auntiesss and unclesss, roar! so not my world. Im just being a good girl, for accompanying my mom, but No-next-time-please. So the whole day, sleeper and photographer i am. I have no idea, but i can sleep after few seconds i closed my eyes. With a snap! and there you go, im in my sweet dream. Practically im sleeping along the journey and thanks to it, here i got neck-ache, backbone-ache, headache and whatever ache. Btw when im not sleeping, thats when im not in the bus, im snapping pictures. LOLS The lonely-donkey

Pinch my plump face anyone?? XDD

Seriously i can go through it for like trillion of times. Spotted the girl? She is the Cleo Cover Girl Winner, the Venessa Hudgens look alike. Roar! And the bracelet is a present from my grandma when im new born. Its actually an anklet, but of course its impossible to wear a baby anklet on your anklet, so now i wear it as a bracelet =) Memorable

The God of Love Relationship

 Im not greedy
Just get me a caring, handsome, wealthy man for the rest of my life XD

Its bird nest, sarang burung
The saliva from swallow which we humans treat it preciously

So for today, i tag along with my bro's gf just to hang around wangsa walk. I don mean to spend today, but too bad. Girls cant resists, when we get in to Guardian, Owww, Money says byebye. I even dream once that my house is a store for Watson, i was so excited as i can get whatever i want, Mask! Leave on! Deodorant! Lotion! with no price $$$. Lols. This is one of the things i get, the absolutely worth it item!! 

Its a diary-look-alike promotion pack with 3 lipcares in it. A Lip Ice Fruity Care, A Lip Ice Sheer Colour and A Lip Ice Colour Gloss which only cost RM 16!!!! *Cheerssssss. Its really a super duper promotion. FYI, the Lip Ice Fruity Care is around RM8 and the Lip Ice Sheer Colour cost me normally RM 14.90 (normal price). So girls what to wait for? go get it only @ Guardian

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